The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

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RIP sweet boy
Rocky G

11/3/17 It is with great sadness that we have to share that little Rocky G. crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning. He had surgery for an enucleation and it was just too much for his little body. He experienced some trauma from the surgery and he wasn't able to recover from the stress of the surgery. RIP little guy. Your foster mommy loved you very much and you will be greatly missed. All of United Yorkie Rescue is heartbroken.

The first thing Rocky's foster mom thought when she rescued him from the animal shelter in March 2016 was that he was the saddest, most pathetic looking dog she had ever seen. His coat was serenely matted, his nails were long and overgrown, he was dirty and smelled pretty bad. He has periodontal disease and he would need a dental right away. But the worst was his eyes. He was most likely blind or blind in one eye. He has severe dry eye and the infection from his mouth is not helping the infection in his eyes. Rocky's foster mom and United Yorkie Rescue took wonderful care of Rocky. And gave him all the care and love he needed. Though he never was adopted, that was okay. He was well cared for and loved for all the days he was with us.

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March 30, 2018 Post script to original entry

It's still hard to walk past Roxy's favorite place to sit and not glance down to see if she is there. Sweet little Roxy crossed the Rainbow Bridge last November, and took a chunk of my heart with her. She was my little forever ours baby who loved everyone she met. I smile when I think of the day I went to the shelter to pick her up. She came into the lobby a bundle of wiggly fluff, not weighing more than three pounds. It was amazing how happy she was even though her little body was riddled with ten tumors. She became a forever ours when several of those were found to be cancerous. I'll never understand why people let their pets get to that condition, but it didn't break her spirit, and I was blessed to be her person for another two years. Roxy loved be be carried around, but wasn't a lap dog. As a result, she was carried! Anywhere she wanted to go! Since she wasn't crazy about the grass, or able to walk very far, we took our walks in her own special stroller. She loved being outside! I miss this little girl, but I know she's at peace.

11/2/17 Sadly, sweet Roxy had to be helped to the Rainbow Bridge. Roxy had begun to lose her appetite and some weight as a result. She was seen by her vet to determine what might be wrong and he noticed that her pupils were uneven and she was unsteady on her feet. In addition, she had a lump on her chest that they worried was a return of the cancer she had. Over the last 24 hours, Roxy had increasing discomfort, balance problems and the head tilt that seemed to indicate neurological problems. She was taken back to the vet this morning and the consensus was that she either had a stroke or developed a brain tumor. The right course of action was to help her to the Bridge, which her foster mom lovingly did for her. Rest in Peace Roxy...you were much loved and will be very much missed.

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Babi is a very sick little girl.

Babi receiving care at the clinic.


It is with much sadness that we have to share, little Babi did not make it. She was just too sick. She has improved a little this morning and then during the day, even with around the clock veterinary care she kept declining. She was struggling to breathe as her upper lungs filled with fluid, she was diagnosed with a heart murmur, and she never fully revived neurologically from the very high toxic kidney levels. It was just too much for her little body to handle. We have some solace knowing she passed in loving arms and not on a cold table in the shelter.

United Yorkie Rescue thanks everyone who sent her their love and prayers, and made a donation to her care. We tried, the vets tried, and even Babi tried, it was just more than her little body could bare.

RIP little one, we didn't have you long, but we loved you still.

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10/11/17 Sadly sweet Primrose passed this morning at home. She will be missed by her foster mom and dad.

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Rest In Peace Angel


Very sad news to report. Sweet Georgia, the puppy with suspected liver shunt has crossed the bridge. The Vet called and her liver and kidneys were failing and her abdomen and lungs were filling with fluid. They tried everything to turn her around but she was just too weak. She fought long and hard but in the end it was just too much for this angel and this afternoon she gained her wings. We are devastated as we know all who supported her with prayers and donations are too. It seems insensitive to discuss the need for donations at this time but even in our sadness we must pay for the $3000 worth of care she received trying to save her life so we are leaving her fundraiser open for a few days. If you can help us an honor the life of this sweet soul with even the smallest amount we'd be very grateful. Rest In Peace beautiful, sweet Georgia. You were loved by many.

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CA Toby

9/14/17: Sadly today we had to help sweet Toby to the bridge. Toby originally came to UYR with a suspected liver shunt. However that wasn't his problem. He was weak and small for his age and lethargic. Numerous tests were run and it was ultimately diagnosed as Fanconis disease, a condition that is very rare and one in which most vets, even specialty vets are not sure how to treat. In addition to this disease, he apparently had either a blocked ureter or his ureter to his kidney wasn't located were it should be. He was scheduled for kidney surgery on 9/19 but since last week started refusing his prescription food and medication for the Fanconis. His foster mom cooked for him, tried baby food, had him into the vet for fluids and even resorted to force feeding, he was not doing well.

Yesterday, Toby took a serious turn for the worse. He was now refusing to drink and hadn't urinated overnight. When he did try to drink he ended up vomiting. Foster mom called the vet and got him there as soon as was possible. The vet indicated little Toby was in a lot of stress and pain. His bladder was full but he was unable to pee. His gums were white. Because of all his other problems, and his current condition, we together made the difficult decision to let him go.

Foster mom sat with him a very long time, holding him in her arms. She talked to him, sang to him, told him about Rainbow Bridge where he would no longer be in pain and would run and jump and frolic like the puppy he was never able to be. She told him he would meet her Buddy and Max, and they would show him the ropes. His passing was very peaceful, and she held him afterward for a very long time. He knew how much he was loved.

We really want to thank all of the wonderful people who donated to help with his care. We are so grateful for all of you. Unfortunately, this outcome was not what we expected. This poor boy had such a rare disease, and so many issues, his time on earth was not meant to be long. However, we know that he left a big paw print on so many hearts because so many others followed his sad story. Thank you to all who helped us try to help him.

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05/28/2917: It's a sad day in United Yorkie Rescue. Sweet little Baby has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Baby passed last night peacefully in his sleep. His foster mom and dad are heartbroken and with eyes leaking they have laid him to rest. Baby beat all the odds and lived longer than anyone expected. That is in part due to the wonderful care he received and because Baby had a spirit and a will to live that far surpassed his 3 little pounds. He lived every minute of his life to the fullest and never gave up. Finally his little body had enough, it was getting harder and harder for him to breath, and at the age of 13 it was time to let go. Baby will be missed greatly by his foster mom and dad, his two fur sisters, and the resident parrot who would call out his name all the time. RIP little one. You were very loved and will be very missed.

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Ally Cat

5/27/17: Ally came into UYR in July 26, 2014. She was surrendered by her owner at 10 years old. Ally was a precious little girlie who wrapped her paws around her Foster Mom's heart and didn't let go Ally was subsequently adopted by her Foster Mom.

Ally went to the Rainbow Bridge on 05/27/2017. Below is what her Mom wrote about her little angel....

A few years ago I was able to adopt one of our fosters Ally. She came to us with an abdomen tight as a drum and crying. she had over 50 bladder stones and a severe uterine infection. She also had asthma which progressed to severe COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). She tolerated nebulizer treatments like a champ and survived well beyond the vets expectations. Her fight ended yesterday as she lay in my lap looking at me as she went to Rainbow Bridge

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5-8-17 Jack crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. He died peacefully in his foster mom's arms. He will be very missed.

Monday morning, May 8th, our little Jack crossed the Rainbow Bridge in his sleep while lying in my arms. Jack was 14-year-old, but loved every minute of life. He spent his time with us rocking in my arms like a baby, eating, and exploring everything in his path. United Yorkie Rescue ensured that Jack found a safe place to spend his time while waiting on his forever home. Although Jack didnít find his forever home by adoption, he found a foster family that fell in love with him immediately. Jack traveled many miles and met several new people on his way to us, taking a piece of each personís heart with him when he left. I will forever remember that sweet smile and my rocking buddy. RIP sweet Jack. Your forever family will see you again one day.

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1/22/17: Sweet Walter began declining in the last few days and would refuse to eat or drink his goat's milk. His foster mom syringe fed him but he was apparently in pain. Today his foster mom had to make the very heartbreaking decision to help him to the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace Walter and run free once again.

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1/21/17: Dallas joined our family in May as a foster pup, a victim of hydrocephalus and we knew his future would be uncertain. Lately I have been thinking about this sweet boy and the day I would have to make a tough choice. His little body had begun to betray him. His spine was very curved making walking more difficult (he compensated by running around on 2 paws). His puppy teeth did not fall out so his adult teeth grew in front of them making it hard to chew but he managed. Although eating well he was losing weight.

He slept almost all of yesterday and wasn't very active last night. I hugged him this morning and kissed his little head before leaving for work. He was going to have some blood work today to try and see what was up. When I arrived home he had spared me the hard choice and was already making his way to the rainbow bridge. I snuggled him close and talked to him, sang to him and kissed his head. He opened his tiny eyes one last time as if to ask if it was okay. I told him it was. We went to the clinic where I held him as he ran across the bridge.

This little boy left an impression on my heart. He was happy even though the world dealt him a bad hand. He gave little kisses every night before he fell asleep. He could not see yet he learned his way around. He made the best of life. My heart is shattered �� for now but I will continue to rescue in his memory. Dallas, you were loved by so many. Run baby, run.

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Ted E Bear

12/23/16: Today sweet Ted E crossed the rainbow bridge nestled in the loving arms of his foster Mom after a hard fought fight with end stage kidney disease. Run free sweet Ted E Bear. You were much loved.

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12/21/16: Violet has passed peacefully in her sleep. Violet was a 15 year old tiny girl rescued two weeks ago from NYC. She was surrendered with her brother, Marley, who is 11 years old and safe with us. Both five pounds, these two little seniors were full of love from the start. Marley knew his sister was fading. He would give her lots of kisses and snuggle with her to keep her warm. Scarlett came to us on the same freedom ride. Immediately Scarlett began to take care of Violet too.

Violet went to the vet the day after she arrived in rescue. They pulled loose teeth and cleaned up her plaque. On pain meds and an antibiotic she perked up. Violet also had dry eye and got relief for that. Unfortunately, it was found that Violet's unstable walking was neurological. The vet believed she had a mass pushing on the cerebellum. With vet care she looked like she was doing well and could actually get around better, probably due to pain meds for her arthritis. Her wheezing from infected teeth stopped and she began to explore her new environment. In retrospect, the last two days did seem like a setback but she kept pushing along. That little girl loved to eat. She got all of her meals heated and she was hand fed wet food when she couldn't finish. She had a soft bed, fluffy blankets, a wardrobe of sweaters to keep her warm, and the love of dogs and humans. Her little life touched her foster mom deeply. She was dearly loved and will never be forgotten.

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11-20-16 With a heavy heart we learned that Mushu crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. He was found by his wonderful foster mom non responsive. Mushu passed peacefully during the night. He was such a delight to everyone who met him. The wonderful care his foster mom gave him allowed Mushu a longer and happier time with us than anyone ever expected. He will be very missed by his foster family and his fur siblings. RIP little guy. We all loved you.

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Sadly on November 7, 2016 we had to help Nina across the rainbow bridge. Nina came to UYR really sick. She was malnourished, with many infections, and with a broken jaw that was making her unable to eat. Her kidneys were failing and her broken jaw couldn't be repaired because she would not have survived the surgery. She was in severe pain. We had to make the very difficult decision to euthanize her. Nina passed peacefully in the arms of her foster mom who loved her so much even for the short period of time she had her. Run free little girl. You will me missed forever

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Sadly sweet Payton crossed the bridge on September 7 due to complications from diabetes care. Little Payton began seizures which could only be stopped by placing him into an anesthetic like coma. He was deemed to have neurological deficits that were to great for him to have any quality of life and we had to make the difficult decision to let him go. Rest in peace sweet boy; you were much loved.

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Rest in Peace Pepe

Poor Pepe came to us with multiple large tumors. He had the surgery to remove them this week. He did well immediately after surgery but soon afterwards he began a downhill slide and was never able to leave the hospital. Today his kidneys and liver failed and the prognosis for recovery was very slim so the difficult decision to let Pepe go was made. Run free over the bridge sweet Pepe. We loved you and tried our best to save you but sadly it was too late.

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4/28/16 Little Teeka crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. Her trachea unexpectedly collapsed completely. Teeka and her foster dad were on their way home from a vet visit when it happened. Her foster dad rushed her back to the vet where they said her trachea was 100% collapsed. There were few options and none that could guarantee she would have any quality of life. Sadly the decision was made to help her cross the bridge. Her foster dad will miss little Teeka greatly. She will always be remembered in his heart and by those of us in UYR who, after her ear surgery, had such hope for this sweet girl.

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On April 8, 2016 Today we lost sweet little Peanut who had congestive heart failure and dementia.

Peanut crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by his foster mom and volunteers from UYR. Peanut was a 10-year-old fellow who came to UYR back in January 2016 after being turned into the shelter as a stray. It was believed he had been wandering the streets for some time because when he was found his eyes were matted shut and he was very underweight. UYR stepped up to help him, He was a small, mild-mannered senior guy who needed help. We immediately got him on a high caloric and supplement infused diet, two rounds of antibiotics to clear up a respiratory infection, as a well as two rounds of medication to address a heavy case of tapeworm. Once those issues were resolved, Peanut was feeling much better, put on a tiny bit of weight, and started to show some more life and interest in his environment. We learned that Peanut had a heart condition and after a cardiology exam, he seemed to be stable and ready for a dental cleaning to continue addressing his overall health. Following his dental we believed that Peanut was on the right track to a better future. However, he started exhibiting new behaviors that quickly increased in the weeks that followed. Peanut was circling occasionally and seemed to take some time to find a comfortable spot to rest, we believed it was because he had sustained some form of injury to his back in the past and that he had residual discomfort, however as time went on the circling increased as well as a level of agitation. His bladder control started to decrease. Unfortunately, he also started to have coughing spells at night once he was resting, which may have been related to the way he was resting and how it impacted his trachea or heart. UYR's volunteers did everything possible to improve Peanut's quality of life, but sadly there was nothing more that could be done. Poor Peanut was just progressively failing at a rapid pace. Although he was only with UYR for a few months, he was given lots of good food, warmth, love, and attention. He knew that up until his last minutes UYR's volunteers had his best intentions in mind and put his needs first. We will miss "Mr. Peanut" and know that he will be waiting at the bridge for his foster mommies one day. Rest in peace sweet boy.

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3/30/16 Today sweet AJ went to the Bridge after losing his battle with end-stage renal failure. This is what his foster mom had to say.

In January of this year, we were asked by the Maltese Rescue of California if we could take AJ in. We agreed and he became my foster baby. AJ was blind and 15 years old. His owner dumped him at a high kill shelter back in September, one day after his 15th birthday. He said that he was getting too old. When we did a senior panel on him he was diagnosed with beginning stage renal disease.

AJ did really well at first and I was hopeful I would get to spend at least another year with him but suddenly he wasn't doing so well. He came down with a UTI and although he was treated, he never fully recovered afterwards. We have been in and out of the vet ever since. He got iv fluids at the office, did better and we decided to put him on sub Q fluids at home. When I came home yesterday afternoon I noticed that he was very lethargic as I held him and cuddled with him. He refused all food, only drank water. I knew he was going to leave me. He slept in my arm for most of the night. When I took him to the vet this morning we made the difficult decision to let him go and help him to cross over the Bridge. He was in my arm, cuddled in his Payer Blanket when he took his last breath. I told him how much I loved him and how much I will miss him. I held him for a very long time after he was gone. Eventually I had to let go. RIP my "Little Old Man" as I called you. You are taking a peace of my heart. I love you so much and always will. You will never be forgotten.

I am so happy for the time I was able to spend with AJ. I wish he would have come to me sooner. He was the sweetest little dog I have ever known.

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