It is the goal of United Yorkie Rescue to rehabilitate our rescued Yorkies to a happy, healthy state so they can be adopted. Occasionally, we find a Yorkie we have rescued has serious medical problems that do not make them a candidate for adoption.

The Board of Directors of UYR, in consultation with the rescued pup’s veterinarian and foster parent, may decide that it would be in the best interest of the Yorkie to keep them in the safe and caring environment of the foster home.

Once accepted into the Forever Ours Program these special needs pups are loved and cared for by the foster parent for the rest of their life. The pup’s medical expenses are covered by United Yorkie Rescue and the foster mom provides food, physical care, goodies and a family environment.

If you would like to become a special part of one these special little Yorkies’ lives please consider becoming a ‘Sponsor’ for them. A ‘Sponsor’ can make monetary donations or provide supplies for their use in the Forever Ours Home.

All monetary and material donations specified for these Forever Ours Yorkies are used for their continuing care needs.

If you have any questions about becoming a Sponsor or would like further information about this program please contact: Carl Sullenberger at:

Thank you!

We are looking for people who would be interested in being a 'Sponsor' to one or more of our Forever Ours Yorkies! As a sponsor you would become a cherished person in this dog's life.

You would receive communications about your sponsored pup and your name would appear in their story on the Forever Ours page. If you are interested please contact Carl Sullenberger at


Irene and Peter Havas are Bear's Forever Ours Sponsors

Barbara Butler: For the memory of Whozit Louise, who left us 6 years ago today: October 9th 2003 Rest in Peace Little One

Jessica Dombroff

Barbara Butler: In Memory of Byron, Golden Retriever, beloved pet of the Whitfield Family

Barbara Butler: In Memory of my Beloved Whozit Louise

Ruth Anna

Joan Sansone: In Memory of Beaux-man Sansone

In memory of Mikey Fisher from Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Fisher

In honor of Taylor Edgar
Beloved daughter of Stephen and Tina
Cherished sister of Miss T.
Adored Prom Queen Eternal!

Lindsay Reiff: In loving memory of Bentley O'Herron.

Carol Gostomski: In memory of my little Domino, and from our new little girl, Holly!

Auntie Trini Gilmore, Pixie and Gang

Geoff and Sandy Pagnotta and pups: Chisum, Ozzie and Robbie

James Monahan

Anne Wallen

Barbara Butler and Wookie: For my fellow Yorkies on my 8th birthday!

Sophie Browning: From one special needs dog to another.

Anne Wallen: In honor of my friend Kathy Redmon's birthday!!

Barbara Butler & Wookie

Ruth Anna

Rich and Gayla Hutton

Ruth Anna

Barbara Butler and Wookie in April, Barbara Butler and Wookie in June!!

Barbara Butler and Wookie

Carol Gostomski



Coco is an 8 year old, 12 pound little girl who is being fostered in Stamford, CT


Olga Stecker, Karry Rogers, Allison Murray, Thomas Kassler, Cindy Danley, Judith Church, Alison Mainhart, Christine Schneiderman, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Irene and Peter Havas, Patricia Bain, DeAnn Deutsch, Alisha Hastings, Nicole Quintal, John Porche, Calvin Morrisette Jr., Nancy Stanley, Holly Stavis, Irene and Peter Havas, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Barbara Carvalho, Carolyn Kazmer, Westen Shelton, Erik Ebert, Sandra Wendt, Vicki Silver

Update 08/13/15: Coco had surgery done to remove a tumor in her colon, which was causing her severe intestinal problems. We were able to get her dental done at the same time, so we were all expecting that she would be on her way to happily ever after soon after healing.

Unfortunately, we received the news that the biopsy results show cancer. So, we go back to the vet this weekend for her post surgical checkup and to discuss her prognosis. There may or may not be the need for an oncology consult, so please do consider donating to Coco's growing vet bills!

I will update once we know more about what the future holds for this sweet little girl.

To date we've spent $5597.90 on Coco's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $1033.50 in donations.
Please donate!
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Sandy Pagnotta, Amy Gill, Diana Shoykhetbrod, Michele Gonsalves, John Sauser, Michelle Lingle, LaVerne Dissmeyer, Patricia Lingen, Sandra Wendt, Christie Rider, Rosalie Tenorio, Paul Sherman, Diane Stout, Sandy Pagnotta, Stephanie and Behnaz Memarzadeh, Cynthia Duranti, Denise Brigham, Cheryl Helley, Amanda Fletcher, Julie Sczesniak, Nancy Carney, Carol Gostomski, Susan Kornatowski, Taffi Loving, Kimberly Golter, Sandra Wendt, Sherri White, Brittany Adams, Linda Vargas Robles, Bonnie Vaupel, Dixie Burbank, Denise Brigham, Irene and Peter Havas, Susan Gentry, Christie Rider, Diane Carter, Paul Sherman, Kitty Bradley, Alexis Ball, Stephanie Memarzadeh, Paul Sherman, Natalie LaBayen, Lois Forrester, Holly Stavis, Gina Caparimo, Brenda Hutto, Lori Adams, Lois Forrester, Noel Walter, Kelly Jones, Holly Stavis, Michelle Pannoni, Julie Sczesniak, Holly Stavis, Lori Stewart, Carol Gostomski

Update 3/9/15 After evaluating Daphne's continuing challenges regulating her ammonia levels and balancing her combination of medications, we realize it is not appropriate to adopt her out. She has become a Forever Ours pup residing with her foster mom for the remainder of her life.

To date we've spent $8119.58 on Daphne's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $3016.00 in donations.
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Raye Mayhorn, Casey Savelli, Raye Mayhorn, Marsha Bernhardt, Lois Forrester, Nancy Stanley

Update 08/05/14: Hi Everyone, Desi here. I've been with my foster Mom for a few months and she knows way more about me now. I now weigh 3.4 pounds and holding. I eat prescription canned food that foster Mom gets from my Vet. I have 2 medications that foster Mom puts in my food to help with my IBS. I love people and enjoy a lot of cuddling. I do not do well when left home alone so I would very much like a home where my family will be home with me a lot. Because of my small size and a previous jaw injury I would not be ok for a home with children. Because of my medical needs the best place for me would be a home in Indiana so I can be near my Vet. Foster mom says I am a real sweetheart and I sure love hearing that.

To date we've spent $1892.79 on Desi's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $510.00 in donations.
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Evo with his Christmas blanket

Evo and Knuckles


I have been busy taking care of Evo. He has good days and not so good days. I took him for another emergency vet visit on July 22, 2014. His little body was shaking and he was vomiting up flem.

It turned out to be an upset stomach. He was given a shot and I have pills

to give him.

I continue to take him in the bathroom when I take a shower and let the bathroom steam up. He stays in there and breaths in the natural steam. That helps with clearing and keeping the fluid out of his lungs. I also give him a quarter of a lasix pill every morning. My vet and I discussed it, and Evo was taking a half a lasix twice a day and the lasix makes him drink a lot which is not good for his emagashophagus condition. So since Evo's follow up with my vet and he didn't have fluid in his lungs and my vet and I discussed that I would continue to give Evo a quarter of a laxis every morning just to help with fluid not forming in his lungs.

Evo takes a full enalapril in the morning and a half at night. He has congenital heart disease.

He doesn't always want to eat for me, so on the days he doesn't, I have a tube of nutracal which is a supplement. It is loaded with vitamins and is nourishment for him. I give him his pills with that as well.

On the days Evo doesn't feel like eating I give him a Zantac and if he has a day where he is vomiting I give him a pill for vomiting. Then by the next day he is feeling better and will eat for me.

My vet told me not to worry if he goes a day without eating. Dogs can do that. I have the nutracal to give him which helps.

I feed him chicken and string beans. I also have wet dog food to give him and have also gotten Hills prescription dog food from my vet which he likes and is loaded with vitamins. Its a wet food.

But at this point Evo is holding his own and has been eating for me. I will continue to have him breath in the natural steam of the shower, and I have also noticed taking him on walks seems to help too. It seems to be good for his heart. So that is incorporated into our evening.

Whatever it takes for me to do for him I am doing. Please continue to pray for him. He is a special little boy and is so strong.

Thank-you to everyone who has donated to help with Evo's is greatly appreciated.


Stephanie Valletti, Mary Rogers

THANK YOU AUNTIE CAROL GOSTOMSKI FOR YOUR DONATIONS! 06/08, 07/08, 08/08, 09/08, 10/08, 11/08, 12/08, 01/09, 02/09, 03/09, 04/09, 05/09,06/09, 07/09, 08/09, 09/09, 10/09, 11/09, 12/09, 01/10, 02/10, 3/10, 04/10, 5/10, 7/10, 8/10, 9/10, 11/10, 12/10, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 7/11, 9/11, 11/11, 1/12, 2/12, 3/12, 4/12, 5/12, 6/12, 7/12, 9/12, 10/12, 11/12, 12/12, 1/13, , 2/13, 3/13, 5/13, 6/13, 7/13, 8/13, 9/13, 10/13, 11/13, 12/13, 1/14, 2/14, 4/14, 4/14, 5/14, 6/14, 7/14, 8/14, 9/14, 10/14, 11/14, 12/14, 1/15, 3/15, 4/15, 5/15, 6/15, 7/15, 8/15

Foster Mom: Carol Esposito -

To date we've spent $5154.70 on Evo's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2680.00 in donations.
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Sandy Pagnotta, Marla Wolfe, Nancy Stanley, Nancy Stanley

Update 10/6/14: Henri is now a Forever Ours pup. His age and health issues have not enabled him to be successfully adopted despite his sweet face. Henri will live out his life with his foster family and his foster siblings.

Update 06/02/14: Henri is just getting old, his kidney levels were a little high, get him to drink lots of water I was told. He has dry eye, so I have drops for that, he has really bad allergies so I have pills for that. Finding him a low protein grain free food is going to be a challenge I am up He collapses sometimes just for no reason, that is just strange, but nothing was found to explain why. Just old age. Poor old guy. He said to watch hi. For the next 30 days. Since I have pills for him I will take him to the pool with us and he can hang out with Evan and Dobby without itching like crazy from the grass.

To date we've spent $337.37 on Henri's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $110.00 in donations.
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Erin Mellini, Angela, Sandy Pagnotta, Renae and Jerry Sutley, Angela Gunter, Tim Wooten, Mary Cronin, Paul Sherman, David Jacklitch, Malena Cueva, Jeselle Kempis, Jane St. John, Maria Vinat, June Lee, Crysmyra Hopkins, Irene and Peter Havas, Siobhan Mullen, Linda Lewis, Heide MacLean, Cara Pensabene, Kerin Messner, Laura Gilder, Paul Sherman, Pamela Henry, Susanne Andriano, Erik Ebert, Daniela Camacho, Megan Mason, Traci Vanover, Judy Bettridge, John Sauser, Becky Baker, Edward Elmore, Shari Jones, Sandra Wendt, John Hazard, Nestor Sanchez, Linda Naylor, Erlinda Lopez

Mushu is walking. Check out this video!

Update 02/26/15: At the suggestion of Mushu's neurologist, we wanted to drop the amount of prednisone he takes, because it can cause much more damage to an already terminal disease. As previously noted, every time we dropped his dosage, he would get wobbly and unable to walk. So she suggested we try acupuncture and herbs to see how he would react and we could always go back on prednisone when necessary.

Well here he is getting his third acupuncture treatment and handling it like a champ. We have been able to cut his daily meds 1/2 what he was doing previously and thrilled to let you know since we have started the match of herbs and acupuncture, he appears to be stronger then ever. His condition remains terminal, but his physical abilities are good!

UPDATED BIO 1/27/2015: Given the prognosis of Mushu's condition, we have decided to make Mushu a Forever Ours pup. He will remain with his foster mom for the remainder of his life and we will give him the best care possible.

UPDATED BIO 12/11/2014: If you recall, Mushu was stumbling a lot when UYR rescued him (and even couldn't walk when we first had him). The vet suspected Yorkie Encephalitis but could never be sure without an MRI. While we were trying to wean his steroids over time, he had a setback and was stumbling again. We raised some money from our WONDERFUL donors, and Mushu had his MRI this week!!

Soooooo, we learned that Mushu does NOT have a brain tumor! (Yay). We received the diagnosis, it is Necrotizing Encephalitis . It is also commonly referred to as Yorkie Encephalitis and is basically swelling of the brain. This being said, Mushu will be a special needs puppy for the rest of his life. He will need to be under doctor supervision and on medications forever (prednisone is not very expensive). Any potential adopter needs to know it is generally a progressive disease. He could be doing great for a very very long time as long as he is medicated, but he could also take a turn and go downhill very suddenly.

We will allow Mushu to be adopted because he deserves a forever family. We are hopeful Mushu will be one of the lucky ones who lives a very long very happy life! THANK YOU to all for caring and contributing to his care!!!

To date we've spent $3149.56 on Mushu's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2753.00 in donations.
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Nora is battling kidney disease


Renae and Jerry Sutley, Casey Savelli, Maria Christopher, Donna Dozois, Irene and Peter Havas, Sandra Wendt

Update 1/18/15: Just before the holidays, Nora's blood levels were not looking good. I increased Nora's home SubQ IVs but this didn't prove to be the answer. In the past, Nora has gone into the vet for overnight IV fluids with medication and this was needed again. I am Happy to report that Nora spent 3 days and 2 nites at the vets, getting IV fluids, some additional meds ands lots of TLC from the staff. Her kidney levels are down, she is peeing a larger amount at a time and it's not so concentrated.

When they brought her out to me she was so excited she had both front legs holding them straight out (like a child would hold out her arms) reaching for me...she was so happy to see me it brought tears to my eyes. She was glad to be home and reunited with Madison, Millie and Jilly. They all met her at the door and were in a huddle kissing each other. I am thrilled to have all my girls together.

Nora has another blood work up this coming Friday to re check her levels. I will continue SubQ IV's here at home along with daily meds. I don't think this little girl is going anywhere anytime soon...she's a diva for sure.

Update 10/15/2014: Hi everyone I'm Nora. As you can see I am as beautiful as can be. I just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am that I am in my forever home cuz I love my FM and sisters Madison, Millie and Jilly..we all look out for each other. FM let's us all sleep with her, but I get the closest even though I'm the smallest and get right under the covers. I still have prescription food every day, I also still take pills that FM hides in peanut butter. FM gives me an IV at least once a week sometimes more, depending on how I feel. I have a little infection in my eye right now but I have 2 eye drops for that. FM is always busy with me so I can stay healthy and my kidney disease doesn't act up. Thank you UYR and all the ppl who help my FM take of my expenses I wouldn't be here if I did not take them everyday. Love you all Nora

UPDATED BIO 05/07/2014: Hi it's me Nora! I am 10 years old and 4 lbs. I had 9 toofers out, so now I have none but I feel so much better and my breath doesn't smell bad anymore. FM still let me kiss her even when my breath was bad but Madison and Millie my fur sisters would turn their head when I tried to kiss them. But not now we all get kisses everyday.

FM has me stabilized cuz I get all my meds and eat my prescription food every day. But with my delicate health issues UYR has decided to make me a Forever Ours girl. I get to stay with FM for the rest of my life. FM holds me and carries me around a lot so I know I am safe and happy. Thanks to everyone who has helped donate to towards my care. Love Nora XOXO

UPDATED BIO 03/16/2014: NORA is 10 years old (but doesn’t act her age, acts much younger!) and weighs only 4 lbs; she is being fostered in Bunnell, FL.

Hi my name is Nora and I am as sweet as can be. I love to sit on my FM's lap. I have 2 doggie sisters that I love, but I would prefer just to sit on FM's lap all day. I also love to sleep with her under the covers and as close as I can be.

I use pee-pads as well as going outside. I love to eat, even though I am on prescription dog food for my kidney disease. I was pretty sick when I got here, but as long as I stay on the prescription food, along with 2 medications which FM hides in my food, I feel really good. Oh, one more thing, there is an IV I get every couple of days to keep my fluid levels up, it's not so bad ~ only takes a few minutes but I feel so much better. I am a happy girl looking for a loving home who will keep me healthy by giving me lots of love and continue my medications so I will stay healthy and live a long time. Could your home be perfect for me? I will love you forever and ever! Xoxo Nora

UPDATE! 01/16/2014: Nora is back! She is a 10 year old, 4 lb beautiful girlie; she is being fostered in Bunnell, FL. Nora was surrendered by her adopters due to a medical issue. Please watch for updates on Nora soon!

UPDATED BIO 12/21/2013: Nora is a sweetheart of a 10 year old 4 lb girl who somehow found herself in a high kill shelter right before the holidays. She is being fsotered in Miami, FL. Nora was rescued with a large mass on her vulva. The pathology came back today AND IT IS BENIGN!!! Now, that said, the margins were not completely free of the benign tumor. The vet said we should watch it to see if it starts to come back in the future. At this point, it is not worth putting her under anesthesia again as the growth may be too slow to make a difference to sweet Nora. She is ready for adoption!

OK, a little about Nora....... Nora is housetrained to wee wee pads and goes outside to do her business. She has what the vet calls pre-kidney disease. Her BUN and creatinine are elevated, but the vet says she has seen much worse. She is now on a prescription KD diet (which she loves) and eats dry AND wet food. The food is no more expensive than the premium Blue Buffalo food she was eating before :). She can still concentrate her urine just fine. We will be rechecking her labs soon to see if the numbers have improved with proper diet.

Nora has one other issue..... She sometimes lifts her front leg (and rarely her back) when she is walking at a fast speed. The vet did an Xray and found it is simply arthritis. Nora must be on glucosamine for the rest of her life. She takes Dasuquin 1/2 pill per day and eats it mashed in her food. The vet says to expect it to take 2 months or so before we see any noticeable improvement.

Despite her "issues", Nora is just an easy to care for, loving little Princess who would love to shower her new owner with kisses all day and night. She sleeps in bed with her FM and FD and uses doggy stairs to go up and down in the middle of the night if she needs to potty. She is a beautiful little girl who did not deserve to be in a shelter. She's asked Santa for a FURever family for Christmas. Could it be you?

To date we've spent $3771.66 on Nora's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $4050.58 in donations.
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Vanessa enjoying the sun


Nestor Sanchez 2012 -4/21, 6/2, 7/1, 8/3, 9/2, 10/3, 11/3, 12/6

2013 - 1/7, 2/3, 3/8, 4/19, 5/29, 7/6, 8/27, 11/17

2014 - 1/7, 2/23, 5/18, 11/6, 12/15

2015 - 1/13, 4/1

* * * * * * * * * * *


Milosz Ciesielski, Brittana Kesler, Sandy Pagnotta, Cynthia Duranti, Kristen Serafin, Jan Norrish, Jessica Johnson, Sheena Gavin - Vanessa sounds like she needs lots of attention and love; she certainly has the right foster Mom for this...., Angie Brewer,

Alaina Hood, Renae and Jerry Sutley, Laura Bower - In loving memory of Tango

Katarzyna Niezgoda, Katarzyna Niezgoda, Irene and Peter Havas, Irene and Peter Havas, Irene and Peter Havas, Irene and Peter Havas, Dawn Gowen, Eric Tucker, Nancy Stanley, Patricia Bain, Dawn Gowen

Update 8/24/15 Vanessa had a recheck on her kidney values and unfortunately they have worsened very slightly. At the last check, the vet suggested she didn't need to be on a kidney diet and suggested she go back to her WD for the Irritable Bowel Disease. As a result of today's tests, I'll be mixing more of the kidney diet into the WD diet and we'll recheck in another 2 months. The vet also did a check x-ray since the mammary tumors she had removed in March typically would metastasize to the lungs. Her lungs are clear so we'll just need to repeat x-rays at 6 month intervals. Vanessa, despite her problems, is a happy and sweet little girl who loves her sunny days and snuggling with foster mom. She has been a foster dog for 4 years now and foster mom is happy she has done so well in spite of everything that has come her way.

Update 6/26/15 Vanessa has been on her kidney diet and a kidney supplement so we tested her values to be sure we're on track. Happily her BUN was further reduced to 34 (27 is the high of normal) and her creatinine was 1.7, which is normal and her phosphorus is normal. The vet believes we can slowly remove her from the kidney diet and begin incorporating foods that will help solidify her stool (which has been anything but normal since starting the new diet). We're so pleased that she is recovering and believe it is possible the chemo she was undergoing was impairing her kidney function. Hooray for Vanessa :-).

Update 6/15/15 Vanessa began drinking quite a bit of water and having episodes of urinating inappropriately (unusual for a girl that has been well housetrained). A blood check to look at kidney values was done 2 weeks ago to see what was going on. It turns out she has failing kidneys. We cancelled her 4th chemo treatment and began a kidney supportive diet that has actually helped her kidney values improve. Previously her BUN was so high, it couldn't register fully on the test equipment (over 130). At a one week checkup, her BUN was down to 62, her phosphorus down to normal and her creatinine just slightly over normal. She is drinking less and urinating appropriately. An ultrasound showed she has a shrunken right kidney and her left is enlarged. Overall she is progressing and we hope this will continue.

Update 3/30/15 Vanessa began chemotherapy treatments a week ago for her metastatic carcinoma. She is scheduled to receive 5 infusion treatments in total, spread 3 weeks apart. She tolerated her first treatment reasonably well; while she was lacking appetite for 3 days, after some coaxing with boiled chicken breast mixed in with her kibble, she is now eating again. We'll see how this goes. If she seems to have problems with continuing treatment, we'll discontinue it so she has a good quality of life.

Update 3/11/15 Vanessa had her mammary surgery today and had 6 new tumors removed. She is quite bruised up since both sides were impacted. She has two long incisions and is pretty swollen. She has pain meds that are helping her be more comfortable. We'll get the histopath results in 3-5 days but the x-rays showed no spread to her lungs at this time. Keeping our fingers crossed for this little girl!

Update 2/27/15 Vanessa has recently been seen by a neurologist for her mobility issues. Her back legs have become weak and often cannot hold her up. In addition, she has no sensation in her tail which suggests some sort of trauma. The neurologist believes she has a combination of orthopedic and neurologic issues. At this time, we are treating with pain medication to see if this helps and will begin some physical therapy. Additionally, Vanessa had an oncology recheck and we found 3 more mammary tumors. She is scheduled for surgery on March 11 and after healing, will have an ultrasound to check on her spleen nodules. Poor little girl is seeing more of the vets' offices than she would like, but she takes it like a trooper.

Update 11/6/14 In September, Vanessa had her prednisone dosage increased to help her irritable bowel disease. She has improved due to this and a slight change in diet. Hopefully we can begin to taper her off the increased dosage since Vanessa has been gaining a bit of weight. Her back legs are becoming unstable so we're thinking of getting her booties with floor grips to help her maintain stability. All in all she is doing well and appears to be quite happy.

Update 5/28/14 Vanessa had her oncology recheck as well as an ultrasound to recheck the nodules on her spleen and thickened intestines. Happily the spleen nodules remain unchanged from the last ultrasound in January. She still shows symptoms of IBD with thickened walls of the intestine, but there has been no increased thickening which would indicate a worsening of her condition. She is being managed with low dose prednisone and metronidazole. Vanessa weighed in at a slightly heavy 22.8 pounds but since she can have a fussy appetite, the extra weight is not seen as a problem. Were she to become ill, she at least has a bit of reserve. All in all, Vanessa is doing amazingly well given all her previous issues. She lost her best buddy, Jessie, another Forever Ours pup three weeks ago but is adjusting to the increased attention she is able to get from foster mom. Thank you for following Miss Vanessa...she is a very loveable girl who appears to be enjoying her senior years.

Update 01/23/14: Vanessa had a recheck ultrasound today to see if there were any changes in the nodules on her spleen and verify that her IBD condition is improving. At the last ultrasound, nodules were visible on her spleen and her intestinal walls were thickened, which was indicative of IBD. She had been experiencing loose stool that was black in color. Vanessa was put on prednisone to treat her IBD condition and since she has been gaining weight lately, I wanted to make sure it was healthy weight and not related to any tumor growth. Happily, Vanessa's spleen nodules looked smaller at this visit and the thickness of her intestinal walls is decreasing which is a good sign. Poor Vanessa had an accident in the vet's office so we had a fresh stool sample for the oncologist and that looked very normal. Vanessa was in fact squirmy for her ultrasound which had not been the case in the past. It was reported that she seemed impatient with the procedure and wanted to leave...a good sign since it means she is feeling better. Vanessa will continue on her prednisone treatment, and a medication for nausea. The oncologist said she was generally pleased with her progress and her general overall body condition. Of course, we'd like the bowel thickness to be normal, but Vanessa is heading in the right direction.

To date we've spent $16962.09 on Vanessa's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2981.25 in donations.
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Walter looking super cute

Walter ready for Christmas


2012: Cynthia Dial

2013: Linda Almasi 1/15; Suzette Hullette 1/18 and 3/8; Jennifer Tobiansky 2/23 and 12/16; Kimberly Bandusky 2/7, 3/1, 5/3, 7/16 and 10/16;

2014: Suzette Hullette 1/13; Kimberly Bandusky 3/14, 3/20, 5/21, 7/17, 8/12, 9/15, 10/29, 11/25 and 12/17

2015: Kimberly Bandusky 1/14, 2/13, 3/16, 5/18, 7/16, 8/18

2015: Nancy Stanley

Update 08/10/14: HI!! Everyone Walter here!! I am a lucky boy UYR saved a little over 2 years ago & they have been taking very good care of me. I never have to worry about be alone on the streets again. I have had some trouble with my left eye it has a mature cataract on it & I have had a small ulcer on it. The Doctor gave me some medicine to help it heal. Other than a small seizure a couple of times I am doing great. I do a lot of napping & the occasional scuffle with my foster brother Romeo!! I get a bit cranky from time to time but I am a pretty good boy!! Thanks to everyone that has helped me have a good life!! Love, Walter

Update 12/10/13: HI!! Wally here!! I have been a good boy & I'm waiting for Santa!! All except when I chase my foster brother Romeo's tail when we try to see who gets to go out the door first!! I had a few seizures but I went to the Vet & he gave me some supplements to see if they would help. So far I'm doing really well. I love the life that being a UYR Forever Foster boy has provided for me. My foster mom just bought me a new fluffy bed for these cold winter nights & I am really enjoying that. My favorite things are when I get to have some cheese for a treat & sitting with my foster dad on the sofa. Well got to go I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

Update 09/03/13: HI!! Walter here!! I don't have a lot to tell. I've just been hanging out with my foster Mom & Dad & my foster brothers & sisters. My health has been really good lately. I am feeling pretty good & have a good appetite. I argue once in a while with my foster brother Romeo, but that is what brothers do!! I do love to play with my little toys. Sometimes I can toss it all the way across the room.My favorite thing to do is follow my foster dad around in the yard. Where he goes I will be right behind him. Well got to go I think I hear TREATS being served!! Love you all!! Walter XOXO

Update 06/05/13: Walter 12-092 Hi! Everybody!! Walter here. Foster Mom decided I should pose so she could update my picture. I have been doing really well. FM calls me her "Chunky Man" I'm not fat I'm fluffy!! I've been trying to be a good boy but sometimes I can be a stinker. I like to nip at my foster brother Romeo's tail when we go out the door.. Sometimes I try to sneak some of my foster sister Angel's food. She's a puppy mill girl so she can't bark, but she will squeak at me and bat me with her paw. I want to thank everyone at UYR & my Sponsors who have helped me have such a good life. I have a soft bed & toys & plenty of food to eat so I am a happy boy. <3 Love you all, Walter

Update 03-30-13 Hi!! Everyone!! Walter here. I got to go to the Paw Spaw to day to get groomed. I was a really good boy, so I'm hoping for extra treats today!! I also had a vet visit this week. I'm doing really good & I now weigh 5.8 lbs. I'm getting anxious for warm weather so I can go outside & sit in the sun. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter & I'll keep you updated on how I'm doing!!

Update 03/02/13: Hi!! Walter here!! I wanted to send everyone a new picture & thank them for all of the donations for my care. I'm sure getting tired of snow. I'm waiting for spring so I can go out in the yard & explore. I'm really trying to be a good boy so everyone will love me. I get a little grumpy when they want to bathe me or comb my hair. My foster dad is still my favorite person. I follow him everywhere & sit on his lap & sleep when I can. He tells me I am his little buddy.It sure is nice to have a buddy. Thank You again to everyone who has donated to my care. It sure is nice to know I have a loving home with a warm bed & plenty of food. I don't ever want to have to go to one of those shelters again. Love You ALL !!, Walter XOXOXO

Walter was rescued from the shelter in Chicago in July.We think he is about 9 yrs old. He was surrendered as a stray. He was a skinny, shaky, scared little bag of bones.You could feel his ribs & he was very unsteady on his feet. UYR rescued him & he came to live with us. At first he seemed to do OK, but in August he was having trouble keeping his food & water down.. He aspirated on some food and he quit breathing. We were able to do Doggie CPR on him & revive him. We took him to the vet & after some tests & ex-rays he was diagnosed as having Mega-E. He also has some neurological issues & a collapsing trachea. The vet said with out any info on him it would be hard to determine if he was born that way or if he had suffered some sort of trauma. Walter eats his softened kibble from an elevated bowl & is doing well. He has went from a skinny 4.1 lbs to 5.8 lbs. His fur is growing in & his appearance is much healthier. Walter doesn't like to be picked up & you have to approach him slowly. He is very sweet, but also very grumpy at times. We wonder if he was treated badly or teased at some point in his life. He loves to have his head & ears rubbed but on his own time. He loves playing with small toys & tossing them in the air & fetching them himself. His favorite person is his foster dad & has become his little buddy. Walter is a very loved member of our family and we will make sure he has a happy life.If you are interested in being a sponsor for Walter's care we would be happy to share pictures & his progress with you.

To date we've spent $2695.20 on Walter's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2165.00 in donations.
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Zeus (and Baby)

Zeus, the cutest little 14 year old 5 pound adorable yorkie is shown with his 10 year old, 3 pound younger brother, Baby. We are being fostered in The Villages, FL


Irene and Peter Havas

3-2-15 Update: It has been determined that Zeus has a very severe case of collapsed trachea which is expected to shorten his life dramatically. Due to this, he has been made a Forever Ours. His bonded brother, Baby, will not be available for adoption until Zeus has passed and it is deemed appropriate to rehome him.

To date we've spent $0 on Zeus (and Baby)'s vet bills, but with your support we've collected $20.00 in donations.
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