At United Yorkie we are blessed to with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued and surrendered Yorkies. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful success stories with everyone who loves dogs. These stories are written by the new parents as they relate the wonderment of the new addition to their lives. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Pez and new parents

Sam and Jess are my new dad and mom. I look forward to teaching them everything about me. I know they are going to spoil me, they are so happy that UYR let them adopt me.

Thank you UYR for helping me find my new forever family.

Love, Pez

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Landry and new family

Landry has a new home

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Mila has a new home

Mila and new mom

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Josie and new mom

Josie has a new home

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Rocky and new mom

Going to miss him like crazy. But Lacie is already head over heels for him, and he will have another dog just his age to play with.

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Lily Rose and new family
Lily Rose

Lily Rose was adopted today by two wonderful sisters.

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Karen & Ron Moody, their prev rescued/adopted Boston Bull Terrier, "Victor", & Samson. (Karen's 89yo mother is taking a turn for the better these past few days, more lucid, brighter moments...after so long. I'm so pleased that they found their perfect pup after working with Ilene & I since my Cocoa's adoption... to find this purfect match! They were so patiently waiting for his UTI to clear up! Ron hates the camera, can you tell? Ha!). They want to keep in touch & plan vs with the pups.

If I need to send this to someone other that ya'll for the posting that he's Adopted-Final...please let me know who that person is ...then I will know who to send this off to next time!

Happy day for our pups who were adopted today, & Rocky is next! Big day for UYR!! Happy Dancing my way to bed tonight! Tea

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Bogart has a new home

Bogart and new family

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Gertie and new family

Gertie found her forever parents, Krista and Roger, this morning! Gertie is so happy to be the only spoiled dog in her forever home and excited to dart around her new big backyard. She is already giving her mom lots of kisses!

Krista is OK with being on the Happy Tails page for UYR but does not want to be on any other sites (ie, Facebook).

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Shelby has a new home

Shelby and new family

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Dovie and new family

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Tico and his new home.

Tico has a new family!

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Hello, This is Dobby in Iowa, my foster is now my forever mom!

Thank you UYR for putting me with Susan who would never let me

get away with my aggressive behaviors, and who's family has learned

how to work with my "moods". If not for UYR I would have been

put to sleep. Thank you for my life!

Love, Dobby

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Henri and Macee

Hello everyone, Henri here. I have been in Iowa for a few months now

waiting for someone to want to adopt me. I am a senior boy, I have

cataracts, and I make funny noises. But I have a lot of love to give. I

slipped out of my fosters house to take a walk, and found the most

wonderful family right in my foster moms neighborhood. I have the

sweetest little girl to love, and she is crazy about me.

Thank you UYR for knowing that I was not old and useless. Thank you

to my foster family for loving me so much, and having such perfect


I will send another picture soon, because I am on a FAMILY Christmas

card this year!

With Love, Henri

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Peanut Butter and new mom
Peanut Butter

Hi, Elsa, here is a great picture of Peanut looking happy and ready for Christmas. Thanks to you and all those from United Yorkie Rescue for all you did for this great little guy. He is terrific and adjusting to his new home. And I might add, had a good bill of health from his new Vet. Thanks to your care and efforts.

Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to all.


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Casey has a new home

Casey and new mom

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Chloe and new mom

Chloe has a new home

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Jack and new family
Jack Peppermint

Jack Peppermint has been adopted! It amazes me how these perfect matches appear for these precious pups. Jack is a sweet, lovable, playful boy who wants nothing more than to be with his 'people'. However, he has jealousy issues with other dogs, and combined with his liver shunt, I was worried about placing him. He's going to be the only dog! Perfect. His new family has recently lost their Yorkie after treating him for ten years with inoperable (they tried) multiple liver shunts. They are completely tuned in to Jack's dietary needs and all follow up care. Jack is one lucky boy...and just in time for his first birthday! I wish I had snapped the photo of when he met the whole family. It was as if they'd known each other forever. Jack barked ferociously at everyone when we went for a walk, especially if they were in front of the house as we came outside. His family was just getting out of the car and he ran right up to them without a single bark. Within seconds they were sitting on the ground with him and he was loving it!

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Kieffer and new family

We adore and love Kieffer! He is such a joy and he brings a smile to our faces every day. He loves his big brother Spike, they play and have such a good time together, whether it is in the house or outside. They run and chase each other like they have been with each other forever. With Kieffer, we never have a dull moment. We laugh all the time, as Kieffer is a little instigator....if anyone of us isn't paying attention to him, he nuzzles anyone of us until we do. He loves being the center of attention!

Lanee and Jerry Habeck

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Mojo & Maci have been adopted by the Grice Family. Happy Tails to Mojo & Maci & their new family!!

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