At United Yorkie we are blessed to with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued and surrendered Yorkies. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful success stories with everyone who loves dogs. These stories are written by the new parents as they relate the wonderment of the new addition to their lives. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Jilly and new mom

This is Jilly and her new mom. It truly was love at first sight.

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Winston and new family

Thank you to UYR for taking me in for a few weeks as a foster so I could be placed with this most wonderful mommy, daddy and big sister. I am so happy with my new forever family!

Love, Winston

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Sophie and new family

Sophie was just adopted this morning by Christine and Mike Snyder who drove all the way from Texas to pick up their new baby girl. She will get to know her new family as they slowly make their way back home, taking many breaks for Sophie to run and play. Sophie doesn't know this yet, but she will be very excited when she finally realizes that she gets to go to work with Christine everyday and will never have to be home alone again. Just as she has always dreamed!!!

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Missus and Mister have a new family
Missus (and Mister)

Missus and Mister have a new family

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Mister and Missus have a new family
Mister (and Missus)

Mister and Missus have a new family

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Jimmy and new family

Hello everyone with UYR. Thank you so much for helping me when I got out of that awful puppy mill. I have really enjoyed my stay with my foster family, and know that my foster mom has made sure I have the perfect forever family now. I will need a lot of special care due to the scaring in both of my eyes, and my very weak knees. I have a big furry sister that likes to keep my face clean, she will also protect me when we go out to potty. I have a wonderful new soft doggy bed I can sleep in until bedtime, when I really enjoy sleeping with someone. My new mommy is going to go shopping and get me a new harness that fits my tiny body, as well as a collar and special drops for my eyes. She knows I like to have dinner served in my doggy bed, and fresh water placed near my bed as well. Life is going to be so much better for me now, and I have UYR to thank for that.

Love, Jimmy

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Sashi and new dad

Happy Tails!

Here is a picture of Sashi with her new adopted dad, Greg. He was so excited to have this little lady in his life, he barely slept the previous night. Sashi is quickly learning that she will be the spoiled queen of the house and have his company all to herself, all day long, just as she always dreamed.

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Bobby and new family

Bobby and new friend

Hello everyone, meet the Ryan's, my new forever favorite family. What a wonderful journey I have had since United Yorkie Rescue saved me from that awful puppy mill. Life is going to be so different from now on. I have 2 big fur brothers, they are already very protective of me. I have 2 kids to play with, they know I am small, they need to be gentle with me or mom will not be happy. I have two wonderful forever parents who smile when they look at me, big happy, loving smiles, just for me. I am so so so happy. Thank you UYR for everything you do for me and my Yorkie brothers and sisters!

Love always, Bobby

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Timmy and new family

Timmy has a new family

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Tilly and new family

New toys for Tilly

Wonderful News! I took Tilly (sitting in the middle on her mom’s lap) last night to her new home and family in Bedford, Texas where she will live happily ever after with her new parents Catherine and Richard, Yorkie brother Thijs (right looking away), YorkiePoo sister Bella (left on dad’s lap) and three very bIg, beautiful senior kitty sisters. They even bought her all sorts of goodies (see second picture) in anticipation of her arrival. It was a wonderful new beginning for Tilly after being dumped at the shelter by her previous family. After two and a half months with foster mom and dad as well as four Yorkie fursisters, Tilly is now a wonderful, loving companion who will make her new family very happy. It was so sad for us to let her go but that’s what fostering is all about, right? Helping these babies have new lives. Our loss is Tilly’s gain! May she have the beautiful life she so deserves! We’ll miss you little girl.

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Cappy and new mom

Cappy has a new home.

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Owen and new mom

Owen has a new home

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Pez and new parents

Sam and Jess are my new dad and mom. I look forward to teaching them everything about me. I know they are going to spoil me, they are so happy that UYR let them adopt me.

Thank you UYR for helping me find my new forever family.

Love, Pez

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Landry and new family

Landry has a new home

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Mila has a new home

Hi. I used to be Mila, but my new humom calls me Mia. I like Mia, because my foster humom called me that, too. I have been with my new humom for one month now and we love each other lots. I get to go for walks every day and I also have my very own golf cart that humom drives me around in. I really, really love my rides and I get really excited when I hear the word “ride.” Some of humom’s neighbors have furbabies, too, and we get to meet several times a week at a big bench that has lots of grass around it. Everywhere I go, and I do mean everywhere, people keep saying that I’m the cutest thing they’re ever seen. Everyone wants to hold me and love on me, so I get lots of attention.

I want to thank my first humom for surrendering me to UYR at the exact moment she did, and I want to thank my foster humom for the love she gave me while she searched for my furever home!

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Josie and new mom

UPDATE ON JOSIE! Below is an email from Josie's new mom - she also has a grand mom, too! We LOVE Happy Tails!

Well, it's been about 6 weeks since Josie joined our family and I thought I would just give you an update; she is DELIGHTFUL!! We worked out the jealousy issue with my dog; Josie sleeps with Mom and Lillie is very happy now. I'm Lillie's mom and Mom is Josie's...I still take her out to play, feed her, etc, but as long as she doesn't sleep in my room, everybody's happy. She LOVES to play outside and she and Lillie do great; neither dog messes with the other's ball. What is funny is when Josie starts to get tired; then she doesn't want to follow the rules! We call her the Ball Tyrant because she will run away, trying to keep from having to give up the ball...You can just see her little brain shouting, "NO, NO!!! IT'S MINE, ALL MINE!!!" LOL....she is just wonderful, and I have never seen my mother become so attached to an animal before, which is so beneficial for someone her age. Thank you again for choosing us for Josie's forever home.

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Rocky and new mom

Going to miss him like crazy. But Lacie is already head over heels for him, and he will have another dog just his age to play with.

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Lily Rose and new family
Lily Rose

Lily Rose was adopted today by two wonderful sisters.

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Karen & Ron Moody, their prev rescued/adopted Boston Bull Terrier, "Victor", & Samson. (Karen's 89yo mother is taking a turn for the better these past few days, more lucid, brighter moments...after so long. I'm so pleased that they found their perfect pup after working with Ilene & I since my Cocoa's adoption... to find this purfect match! They were so patiently waiting for his UTI to clear up! Ron hates the camera, can you tell? Ha!). They want to keep in touch & plan vs with the pups.

If I need to send this to someone other that ya'll for the posting that he's Adopted-Final...please let me know who that person is ...then I will know who to send this off to next time!

Happy day for our pups who were adopted today, & Rocky is next! Big day for UYR!! Happy Dancing my way to bed tonight! Tea

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Bogart has a new home

Bogart and new family

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