At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Momma & Garfunkel

It was love at first site for momma and Garfunkel

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Roscoe and Mia
Mia TX

12/8/18: Hooray for Mia and Roscoe. They found their perfect forever home together as of today! Such lucky pups :-)

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Roscoe and Mia
Roscoe TX

12/8/18: Hooray for Roscoe and Mia...They both found their perfect forever home together as of today. Such lucky pups :-)

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I am Princess. I have a forever home fit for a princess.

I love my new mommy

12-8-18 Princess was adopted today. Who would have thought that this sweet little girl would have gone from what we thought was terminal cancer, to a full recovery, to her forever home. Princess came into UYR almost a year ago. She was diagnosed with a cancerous lump in her rear leg. Even the specialist said it was cancer and she wouldn't have long to live. Determined not to give up her foster mom wanted a biopsy done. Princess when to a vet who took out as much of the mass as possible and sent it off. Unfortunately they said the mass was dead tissues and they couldn't tell if it was malignant or benign. Princess was not quite 9 years old, and still her foster mom was not ready to give up on her. So watching the mass for several months she said it wasn't growing and maybe it was all removed during the biopsy surgery. At that time we decided to take a chance and remove the whole leg. So back to surgery Princess went and off came that leg that she hardly used anyway. The surgeon believed she got the whole mass when the leg was removed, but sent the leg off to the lab to be sure. We all hoped for a good report. Sure enough there were clear margins and hooray, hooray the cancer was gone and Princess was ready to find her forever home. She was almost ready for adoption when she started to have seizures. Princess was put on seizure meds and after a month it was decided the meds were working and she could be adopted.

Today Princess when to her wonderful forever home. Her new mom knows all about seizures, just in case. Princess has a fur sister to play with who was also adopted from United Yorkie Rescue. There is also a nice fenced yard and someone home all the time to be with the pups.

Princess was one amazing story. From being considered terminal to finding a wonderful forever home. Her foster mom never ever gave up on her, and Princess truly had her fairy tale ending. Live Happily Ever After, Princess. You deserve this.

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12/07/18. Bruno has found his forever home!

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Rufus and new mom
Rufus TX

12/7/18 Today Rufus found his happy forever family and he must be the luckiest dog on earth. He found a forever home with lots of fur friends to play with and one strange creature that he wants to like, but needs to get to know. Rufus will be sharing his adoptive family with a 13 year old Standard Poodle, a 1 year old Greyhound mix, two cats, and a Potbelly Pig. Rufus and the pig are about the same size and seem to have a liking for each other, but both want to know more before fully committing. There are also some horses and a mini donkey in the back pasture that he will surely meet someday. His adoptive parents are just the kindest folks with three sweet and adorable children. Rufus has immediately taken to all of them. He will be enjoying the rest of his like with a super loving family, some fur friends, and enjoying the country life. What more could a Yorkie ask for.

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I have a new mom and dad. Hooray for me.

12-5-18 Darling little Dante was adopted today. From a home with his owners, to another home when his owners left the country, to the shelter when the other people couldn't care for him, to a foster home, and then finally to a real forever and ever home. That's a lot for a little guy in less than 2 months. Poor Dante was so confused and sad. He had to wait in the shelter for almost a week while they made sure his owners weren't coming for him. When finally United Yorkie Rescue got this tiny little 4.5-pound baby he knew his life just got better. Dante was in pretty rough shape. He needed a neuter and a dental. His dental disease was so bad he lost all his teeth, but that didn't stop Dante from being the most loving little guy. He loves people so much—his foster parents knew he needed a home with someone there most of the day, someone who would love him and let him be their forever baby. Today that happened. He has a wonderful stay at home mom and dad. He will be the only pup in their lives and get all the love and attention. Dante knows his life just became the best he could ever have hoped for. We are so happy for Dante. We love a story with a happy ending and this was the happiest.

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My new mommy sure does love me
Golly G.

11-29-18 Golly G (Gee) was adopted today. This adorable 10.5 year old pup found his perfect forever home today. Gee came into United Yorkie Rescue with his 3 friends. They all needed a lot of vet care and a grooming. Gee had infections in his eyes and ears, and blood work showing he had an under active thyroid. It took good nutrition and a lot of care but finally Gee was healthy. Even his thyroid levels were back to normal. When he first arrived at his foster home he was pretty sad. He missed his brothers and sister and just wasn't sure about all this newness. It took a while but with lots of love and patience Gee learned that it was okay to trust people and love them. After being in his foster home for a month and a day he went to his new home in the arms of his loving new mom. Gee is going to have a wonderful life. His new mommy told him she has been waiting a long time for him and what a wonderful life he was going to have with her. Gee's foster parents are going to miss him, but are so happy for the great future that lies ahead for this sweet boy. Happy Tails sweet Gee.

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I have a new forever mommy.

11-27-18 Little Isabella was adopted today. Sweet Isabella went to her forever home today. Tiny 4.5 pound Izzy came to us with 3 others dogs. They all needed vet care and grooming and lots of love. It took a while for Izzy to settle in because she missed her brothers. But her foster mommy helped her so much to know she was okay and loved and her life would be soon filled with joy and happiness. Today Isabella, at the age of 13, found her last and final forever home. And it came true--her life is filled with so much joy and happiness and love. Isabella is ready for the rest of her wonderful life to begin.

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Stitch and his new family. Happy Days. Happy Tails

11-25-18 Stitch was adopted today. This little boy was in rough shape when he came to UYR. A good samaritan found him on the streets and took him to the local animal control. When no one claimed him the good samaritan did and surrendered him to UYR.

Stitch has gone through an amazing transformation, from being scruffy, flea ridden, and underweight to a handsome boy.

He will be so pampered in his new furever home. His new mom and dad are retired and will cater to his every need and desire. His new fur sister, Zoey, welcomed him with open paws. He'll have home cooked meals and more love than he's ever had in his previous life. Many walks, car rides, and belly rubs are in Stitch's future. Well done, Stitch.

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Itsey and new mom

11-25-18 Itsey found her perfect forever family today.

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11/23/18 Little Ms. Ella has found her forever home!

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Jackson and Button and new mom

11-19-18: Love came in a package of 2 for Jennifer!! UNITED YORKIE RESCUE sweet Buttons and Jackson will have the most amazing life together. Thank you for loving these special needs babies and caring enough to give them both the best future forever!!

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Jackson and Button and new mom

11-19-18 Love came in a package of 2 for Jennifer!! UNITED YORKIE RESCUE sweet Buttons and Jackson will have the most amazing life together. Thank you for loving these special needs babies and caring enough to give them both the best future forever!!

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Rambo has been adopted

11-16-18 Congratulations to Rambo who found his perfect forever happy home with a work from home mom who has promised to visit his foster mom from time to time :-). He's one lucky little boy.

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I have a new home. I am such a happy puppy
Dallas Rose

11-16-18 Dallas Rose the puppy got adopted today. Dallas Rose was sadly surrendered by her owner when her former mommy knew that she just couldn't take care of a puppy anymore. After Dallas Rose's daddy passed away her mommy was heartbroken and realized she could not give Dallas Rose the time and care and attention an active puppy required. Today Dallas Rose went to her forever home. She is so happy. She has a fur friend to play friend, a stay at home mommy, and a soon to come high fence for the backyard so a puppy like Dallas Rose can run and play while her new mommy and daddy watches her. Happy forever home to Dallas Rose. What a great life lies ahead for you.

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Beethoven found his fur ever home he is very excited to meet all the neighbors and he as 2 cats to chase and a fur sister he is a Happy Boy.

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I have a forever home. I am so happy.

11-10-18 Rosa was adopted today. Little 10 year old Rosa was picked up from a kill shelter in back in June. She was found wandering the streets and taken in by Animal Control. Rosa was probably on the streets a long while because of the condition she was in when she was picked up. Rosa remained in the shelter waiting for her owners to come find her. That never happened, they never came, in fact no none came for her, and this sweet girl was one day away from being euthanized when United Yorkie Rescue was contacted and asked if we would take her. Of course we would. She needed us and we were there for her. When she met her United Yorkie Rescue angel she was so happy to be away from that noisy shelter and safe in her United Yorkie Rescue’s mom’s arms. Rosa needed special vetting care, but more than anything she needed love and a safe place in which to get well. After spending 5 months in her foster home finally Rosa's perfect family found her and best of all wanted her to be their sweet pup. Rosa will spend the rest of her days being the only pup in their life. She will be cuddled and loved and taken wonderful care of. More than anything in the world, more than toys, even more than treats, Rosa loves her people, and now she has exactly that. Rosa has a mom and dad to call her own forever and ever.

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Jasper TN

Jasper has been adopted. Jasper enjoying time with his new Furever family. He also has a fur brother Jack and they are loving spending time together.

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Hooray! Today I was adopted with my best buddy Nate.

11/10/18 Clyde was adopted today with his brother and best friend Nate. Clyde came to us looking for much needed love and attention. He came to United Yorkie Rescue from a pretty neglectful situation. He was full of fleas, his coat was matted, and he had crusty area of dried on fecal matter on sections of his hair. He teeth were so bad they practically were falling out themselves, and his breath was terrible. He felt so much better after his grooming and having all the necessary veterinary work completed. Then Clyde got his forever family. Lucky for Clyde he and his brother Nate went to the same family. Clyde and Nate are so happy they can be together. They have also become great friends with their new fur brothers. We are so happy Clyde has found the perfect forever home along with a comfy spot on the pillow next to his new mommy’s head.

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