At United Yorkie we are blessed to with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued and surrendered Yorkies. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful success stories with everyone who loves dogs. These stories are written by the new parents as they relate the wonderment of the new addition to their lives. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Rudy and new mom

2-5-16 Rudy found his forever home. He has a mommy who will be with him all the time to love him and care for him. It was so hard for Rudy when his last Mommy had to travel. He missed her so much. That won't happen anymore. Rudy will spend the rest of his days in the lap of his Mommy every day of his life.

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Gigi Mae and new mom
Gigi Mae

2-2-16 Gigi Mae has found the most perfect forever home any dog can have. She will be an only pup with a wonderful mom and dad to love only her for all her life. What fun she will have too. She will get to go on car rides and have lots of toys to play with. Lucky lucky Gigi Mae.

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1/31/16 Happy Tails for Callie. Callie was adopted today into her forever family. She get a stay at home new mom and a new friend to play with. Life couldn't be better for Callie.

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Prince and new best friend

1/21/16: Prince has been adopted. Here is a note from his new mom:

I just wanted to let you know how much we are loving Prince. Our little family feels complete again. He is the best of all personalities with his snuggles and playful fun. We have loved every second, especially enjoying how much fun he and Baby Emily have rolling on the floor together. She loves to crawl after him. They are best buds. We have decided to name him Buddy. Thank you so much for choosing us to be his forever family. We love him sooo much and are so appreciative and thankful for all you guys did in taking him in and saving him.

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Maximillian and new family

1-24-16 Maximilian has been adopted. He is ready to start his new wonderful life with his perfect forever mom and dad. Maxi will have the active life he needs and is looking ahead to so much fun and love.

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Gator and new mom

1-23-16 Gator went to be with his forever family today and what a happy boy he will be. He has a wonderful family all to himself and doesn't have to share them with anyone. He even gets to sleep on the King Size Bed with them. Happy New Year to Gator our New Year's Pup.

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Winston and new family

Winston has a new home

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1-16-16 Spencer was adopted and will have the perfect forever home. His new mommy is so happy to have him in her life. They were just make for each other.

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Max and new mom

1-12-16. Max was adopted today and what a lucky dog he is. He has a forever mommy who will take care of him forever. She knows his eyes will always need care and she is so ready to be there for him. Happy Happy Tails for Max.

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Brody has a new home

Brody has been adopted.

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Remi has found his perfect home. He will now get to live forever with the best mommy a little dog could want. He is already best buddies with the older dog in the house. He is being taken care of by his new older brother and his new forever mommy. Remi will never have to worry about anything every again.

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Chip has a new home

1/7/16: Chip had a big day moving into his new home with his new family, a wonderful retired couple in Georgetown, TX. When Chip came to us in late November, we thought he only needed a dental and a neuter. At the time of his initial checkup, we learned he had a fractured jaw at some point which was not fully healed and slightly misaligned. The regular vet recommended he be seen by a specialist for his dental to ensure his extractions would not compromise his jaw. We scheduled a specialist and thankfully all went well with Chip's remaining extractions. He just needed a little healing time and was ready to go to his perfect forever home. Chip's total vetting exceeded $1600 and thanks to his wonderful donors, we collected $915 toward his expenses.

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1/3/16 Hooray and Happy New Year to Theo. He went to his forever home today and what a great life he is going to have. A wonderful forever mom and dad and even a few fur friends of his very own to play with. 2016 is starting out to be the best year of Theo's long and happy new life. Theo wants to wish everyone a happy New Year and he hopes they get to be as lucky as he is.

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Rocky and new mom

1-1-16. Happy New Year to Rocky. He got his forever home with his wonderful forever mommy. 2016 is going to be a great year for Rocky. How could it not, when it started off with the best thing ever to happen to him? A mommy all for himself to love and kiss and cuddle with.

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12-31-15. Hooray! Scotty was adopted. This sweet boy who endured months of confinement because of his heartworm treatment has been adopted. He has a wonderful new forever mommy and a home where he not only no longer has to be crated, but he is going to be the only one to get all the love and all the attention. If ever a pup deserved a happily ever after this wonderful loving little fellow did. Happy days for you, Scotty boy.

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Pax and new mom

On New Year's Eve, Pax has a new home! Happy New Year little Pax.

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Buddy and Cookie have a new home

12-31-15 Buddy and his sister, Cookie were adopted together into their forever home. It could not have had a better happy ending for these two. It was their dream all along to stay together forever and now they will get their wish. They get a wonderful forever mom and dad, and they get to have each other forever and ever.

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Buddy and Cookie have a new home

12-31-15. Today was a happy day for Cooke and her bother Buddy. They were both adopted and now they get to stay together forever. They have a wonderful new forever mom and dad and they have each other forever and for always.It was like a dream come true. Happy Tails and Happy Happy Days for Sweet Cookie and Buddy.

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Roxye and new parents

Roxye found her best forever mom and dad. She will have a wonderful life and be loved so much. The minute Roxye saw her forever mom and dad it was love at first sight for her. What a real happy tails for Roxye.

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Oliver and his new family

Oliver has a new home

Merry Christmas from Oliver with his new mommy and daddy, Louise and Bob.

Oliver came to us from the Ames shelter the first of December just in time for him to learn how to trust people, and join his happy home 2 days before Christmas. He is doing fantastic, loves his mom and dad so much.

Thank you UYR for helping this happen.

Sincerely, Foster mom Susan Page Benson and Oliver

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