At United Yorkie we are blessed to with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued and surrendered Yorkies. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful success stories with everyone who loves dogs. These stories are written by the new parents as they relate the wonderment of the new addition to their lives. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Sydney has a new home

Sydney and new family

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Harley and new family

Harley has a new home

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Bella and new family
Bella IA

Bella has a forever home

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Frankie has a new home
Frankie Lane

Frankie and new mom

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Jaxie and his new mom

Jaxie and his new mom

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Karma has a new home

Karma and new mom

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Jade and Snickers

Jade and Snickers with new mom

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Snickers and Jade

Snickers and Jade with new mom

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Stanley and new mom and dad

Stanley has a new family

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Ariel, formerly Fiona

"Just got out of Pigeon Salon. Have been oh la la'd with Devotion (body spritzer). Just wanted to let you I'm doing so well. My alpha master treats me well. Thanks for sending me here. Ariel"

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Lexie and new mom

Lexie has a new home

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Ralphie and family

Ralphie and new family

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Here is Sadie making herself at home with her new Mommy.

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Updated Bio 01/07/15: Happy 2015! It’s Trey and I am excited to report that this is going to be my year. On Sunday I went with my FM to meet a really great family. I got to meet the mom and dad, some really fun kids and they even had a dog that I got to play with. I had a SUPER good time and guess what…..you got it, as of yesterday they are MY family!! That’s right, MY FORVER family and I am so excited. I have a great big backyard to run around and be crazy in along with my fur sister Janie (who thinks I’m a lot of fun). I get to grow up with a “people” brother and a “people” sister to play and cuddle with and you should meet my mom and dad, I hit the jackpot!

Thank you to everyone who has been part of Trey’s story. The donors who made it possible for him to have his life saving surgery; I am still humbled by your love. There are also many who loved him along the way and I know you wish him the best, thank you. Look for Trey and his family in Happy Tails in the next few days!

Original Bio: Hello everyone, it's Trey here with one last check in! Just 4 short weeks ago my life didn't seem so bright but then everything started working for me. United Yorkie Rescue sent my FM to come get out of the shelter where I was in real bad shape. Then the most amazing Angels helped UYR pay for my life saving leg amputation (they will always be my heroes).

I recovered so fast my FM couldn't believe it and today I found my forever family!!! Can you believe it? I'm the happiest little three legged dog on the planet. My new family lives in Austin and I even have a new sister. She is smaller than me but a little bossy like all of my foster sisters. We are going to be best friends!! My new house has a dog park right across the drive and I get to play there!! My new mom and dad are going to call me Tucker but I don't mind a bit as I'm just so happy to be so loved. My FM says that we owe it all to UYR and the Angels who helped me, we are both humbled by the love. I'm off to play, or sleep on my new family's sofa, or play with one of my many new toys, or eat out of my great new bowl, or play.........ahhh.

Ps. This FM was absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity shown to Trey. He will have a great life because each of you cared!!

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Gia has a new home

Gia and new mom

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Hannah and new family

Well, little Miss Hannah went to her new forever home yesterday. She is one lucky little girl as are her parents Barbara and Stan. She will be the only princess in her home and that will suit her very nicely. I received an email this morning from her mama and she is settling in well. Give her a couple of weeks and she’ll never know she lived anywhere else, hopefully. Her Foster dad and I will miss her greatly but we know she is off on a bright new path in life. Happy Trails little one!

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Dusty and new family

Hello everyone, thank you so much for taking me into your UYR family and helping find this wonderful forever family. I am the only fur child they have, which is what I rather enjoy. I have a wonderful little sister that I love to play with, she is kind to me. And my new mom and dad were so excited to have me become a member of their family, they bought me everything I could hope for, like it was Christmas or something..... Christmas was four days before I got here.... I am so happy, looking forward to this New Year.

Love to my UYR family, Dusty

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Teddy and new mom

Great news, Teddy has finally found someone who will give him the love and attention he has always wanted. He and Mandi got to know each other during the months Mandi was helping me take care of my mother. Whenever Mandi came over Teddy would find his way onto her lap, making it almost impossible for her to leave. Mandi had only one thing on her Christmas list this year, his name was Teddy. They are doing very well, Teddy has settled right in with his fur brother and sister, as well as dad and little sister.

Another happy tails story for a well deserving fur baby!

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Timmy and new family

Timmy has been adopted by his new forever family, Charlene & Nick. He got to go home just in time for the holidays! The second he met his mom, Timmy was jumping with excitement and drowning her in his kisses. She exclaims, "Adopting Timmy is the best Christmas present ever!" and reports there may already be a present or two under the tree just for him. Congratulations Timmy and enjoy being spoiled rotten for years to come!

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Tater Tot and new family
Tater Tot

Congratulations Tater!

Tater Tot finally found his forever home. He was adopted by Linda and Robert, who are both retired and ready to spend all the time he needs adjusting to his new environment, continuing to build his confidence and helping him have the happiest life possible. He never again has to worry about who will be there to keep him company each and every day.

Tater now has a doggie sister, Ginger, who is ALSO a recent UYR graduate & totally adorable. As soon as Tater met Ginger, he tried to give her a lick-kiss right on the nose. FM was a little jealous, since she'd been begging for kisses for weeks now! Ginger must be more his type.

Tater & Ginger snuggled the whole way home. Linda also reports that after Tater's first evening at home, he has been trying very hard to introduce himself to his kitty siblings. He's still trying to figure out why they are hiding under the couch & why he can't follow them under there. Just as suspected, it only took him a few minutes to find every water bowl in the house. That is our Tater! Have fun and enjoy :)

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