At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Adyn and new mom

Adyn was adopted today. He will be "living the life" in a California beach town, enjoying daily walks to the beach, with his new fur sister, Roxy, and of course, his new Mommy.

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3-13-17 Stanley the adorable puppy was adopted today. He has the most perfect forever home. There is another puppy just his size and age and they have done nothing but play and play and play with each other. He also has a stay at home mommy and an older fur sister who likes to watch the fun. Stanley could not have found a more perfect home for himself. Everything a puppy could need or want Stanley now has. Hooray for Stanley.

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Puppy and new family

3/12/17: Puppy found his forever home today with a new mom and dad and a yorkie sister.

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Zoe and new family

3-12-17 Zoe the sweet puppy was adopted today. This adorable not even 2 year old dog needed a quieter home with no young children around to scare her. She also needed another young dog to play with and a mom and dad who would be home with her. To make is all perfect she would loved a fenced yard for running and sunning and playing. Today sweet Zoe's wishes all came true. She has a fur sister just about her age, a stay at home mommy and daddy, and a perfect fenced yard just made for puppy fun. Zoe has found her forever home and it is sure is her dream come true.

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Georgia and new dad

Georgia has been adopted, and she's living the good life! Her journey from a Los Angeles shelter to a new home in Austin was aided by many hands, from those who brought her to our attention, to the people who pulled her, to those who temporarily fostered her, and to the one who let her hitch a ride on his flight! It couldn't have happened for a sweeter pup. She's as precious as they come!

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Skylar was up at the crack of dawn this morning to race his way into furever. And Here he sits with his mom and dad, and new brother Cash. Skylar will be RV'in in style, as his new digs comes with a RV that has a doggy window just so he can look out while he's traveling about, and a pull out food tray too for his dining pleasure! When Skylar comes home off the trail, he'll be spending a delightful time in his beautiful home, with his own doggy door, that leads out to this beautiful deck where the lovely swing is located, and down to the beautiful lush green grass of the wonderful privacy fenced yard where he and Cash can romp and play. He will spend his days and nights in the company of all pictured here as his sweet new mom whispers "furever" in his ear. Both mom and dad are retired and spend their time between home and their RV travels. Happy Trails Skylar, as you are certainly assured a life time of Happy Tails!!!!!

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Scarlett and new mom

3/10/17: Scarlett, a 12 pound 16 year-old yorkie found herself in a shelter and without a home when her owner passed away. She is a silky terrier, which is a close cousin to the yorkshire terrier, displaying a shorter, stockier build and a longer nose. After a couple of months with her foster mom and the help of United Yorkie Rescue, today, 03/10/17, Scarlett has found her forever home. This family's Maltese of 12 years passed away last summer, and they are ready to love again. Congratulations Scarlett and a million thanks to her new family.

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Browny, a 4-year-old, 10 lb. little man found himself at home alone for long periods of time, so his mom felt it best to find him the perfect home with the help of UYR. Therefore, she tearfully surrendered him to UYR, who did not disappoint. Today, after only a few weeks in foster care, Browny eagerly headed off to his forever home!

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3/5/17 Leigh was adopted today. Little Leigh came to UYR in desperate need of some TLC. After a spa day and a dental, she blossomed into a beautiful little girl. Leigh went to her forever mommy and daddy who are both retired and can spend their days doting on their precious new furbaby. They were so excited to see her that they had her picture in their phone already. Leigh took to her new family and was already exploring her new home as soon as she got there. It always makes us happy to see when these pups just somehow know they are finally home…

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Spencer is Adopted!

From abandoned to adored, Spencer has his own fur ever fan club to love him all of his days! Happy Tails Spencer!

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Morgan and new mom

3/3/17 Morgan was adopted today. Hooray for Morgan!! Morgan found his forever home. He has wonderful new mom who couldn't love a pup more than she loves him. She met him and knew he just had to be hers forever and ever. Morgan now has the best stay at home mom and dad who will let him share their bed and their life always. Morgan will be cuddled and adored the rest of his life.

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Poco and new family

3/3/17 Poco is adopted! This sweet senior pup found her forever home. Poco is the most wonderful little girl her foster mom ever had. She loved everyone and just wanted to be held and cuddled and loved. She found just the right forever mom who will give her nothing but love and kisses and cuddles all day long. Life for Poco will be filled with days and days of happiness and sunshine.

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Lambchop now has his very own Lambchop - sweet!

03/31/2017: Here's an update from Lambchop's proud owner - this makes UYR proud to be part of this precious dog's rescue/rehab/re-homing. Sweet!

From Lambchop's adoptive parent: Let me take a chance to thank you and the staff at UYR.for blessing me with Lambchop he is an amazing puppy. I dont have the words to explain the joy he has brought to my life and home. I also want to commend his foster mommy Susan as I am a first time pet owner/mommy her knowledge and continued support has been invaluable.

Lambchop loves our walks and barking at anyone who comes near the drive way and then giving them highfives lol. He also enjoys rolling in the grass in his yard. He has made several friends at our local dog park. He is not so sure about the water at the beach but he loves rolling in the sand and chasing birds. An example of what a loving puppy he is....we were out and a little girl who hugs him when we walk fell off her bike her mom was there but lambchop insisted on going over to lick her face and make sure she was ok.....I love this guy/puppy.

To the UYR volunteers who helped with this rescue/rehab/re-homing - I'm not sure what I expected from this process but UYR exceeded anything I could have expected. Lambchop and I are a perfect fit. I can only hope to make him as happy as he makes me.

As for his health his vet says he is doing great. He lost another 2lbs

Please feel free to use my comment and the attached photos on your website.

People should know what great work you do.

Thank you for everything.

2/28/17 Lambchop was adopted today, and he couldn't have found a better forever home. His new mommy loved him from the minute she met him and he loved her right back. She works from home so Lambchop will never be alone. Lambchop still needs to lose some weight and his new mom loves walking, so they will go on long walks together. Walks that Lambchop loves to take. Lambchop’s new mommy has promised to play with him and love and cuddle with him always. Lambchop loves to be outside and what a great fenced yard he now has. He can sun himself, and then chase any squirrel or lizard that crosses his path. Lambchop is the happiest fellow; he has found his perfect mommy forever.

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Sweet senior girl Sophie has been adopted. She now has a senior loving Forever person to call her own! Happy Tails Sophie!

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Gizmo CA (formerly Little Man)

Update 2/25/17: Gizmo was adopted today :-). This sweet little senior with a crazy heart murmur who I thought would stay with me for the rest of his life (I would have actually loved it) is getting his very own cardiac ICU nurse to watch over him. Thank you Erin for adopting him. Have a wonderful life little GizGiz. I love you with all my heart and I am crying happy tears for you tonight. I already miss you

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Rosie and new mom

2-24-17 Rosie went from the shelter where her former owners left her because they were moving and couldn't take her with them, to her forever home today. She couldn't believe she ended up in the shelter of all places. Not a sweet dog like her. But she didn't' stay long. United Yorkie Rescue came and got her out of there. She went to her wonderful foster home where she received love and care. But best of all it wasn't long before this sweet girl found her perfect forever home. She will never ever be alone again in a shelter or anywhere else. She has a stay at home mom and dad and some fur friends to play with. In fact one of her fur brother is a former UYR dog and they are just the same size, they even look alike. Rosie has a nice fenced yard and the perfect home full of doggie beds, doggie toys, and lots and lots of love and kisses.

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2/24/17: Hooray, Millie has found her FUREVER HOME today. Congratulations Millie.

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2/14/17 Happy Valentine's Day Jethro. Today Jethro found his loving forever family. Jethro has a new mom and dad, a fur sister just about his age, and two girls, twins, to play with him. This energetic, sweet fellow even has a fenced backyard. Everything he ever wanted s now his. Jethro, the perfect family dog, now has the perfect family. Not even Valentine chocolates could have be sweeter than this for Jethro.

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Dusty and new family

2-4-17 Dusty was adopted today. This sweet boy is a bundle of love and energy. In his former home he was kept crated or on leash a lot so he was so happy to have FREEDOM in his foster home. He gives kisses non-stop and just loves to be loved. Dusty loves to play and is full of life and pep, after all, he is only 4 years old. He learned so much in his foster home. He learned how to get along with other dogs, he learned proper house training manners, and he learned that people are his friend. All that he needed was his forever home and today Dusty found his perfect home. He has a new mom and dad who will be home with him much of the time. He has a fenced yard to run around in, and he even gets a wonderful fur sister for his very now to play with, hang with, and his very best friend. You won't find a happier boy anywhere than Dusty.

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Polo and new mom

2/1/17 Young Polo was adopted today. A perfect home for Polo would be one where his humans are patient and have lots of time and energy to devote to him. Polo does not like being crated because before he came to United Yorkie Rescue his family worked a lot and he was home alone and crated for hours at a time. Polo needs to catch up on learning the skills that most young dogs learn as puppies like house-training, leash walking, when its time to play, and when it is time to settle down. He missed out on this training because he was left alone so much. BUT not anymore.....Polo found his perfect forever home today. His new mom and dad are home most of the time. He will be their one special fellow who will be doted on all the time. Every day he will get all the love and attention he craves. Pretty soon there will be a nice new fence in the backyard so this young fellow, who is full of energy, can run off his energy. Polo is one happy boy. He wants everyone to know he found his perfect mom and dad and his perfect forever home.

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