At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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11-4-20 Today Snuffy was officially adopted by his foster mom. Happy forever life Snuffy!

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Nicki WI FO

11-4-20 Today we decided to permit Nicki to be adopted by her foster mom. Nicki loves her foster mom and is her Velcro dog. Happy forever life Nicki!

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Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze is going to her forever home... She will live the diva life :)

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Iris has a new family and they love her a lot. Lucky Iris

10-24-20 Sweet Iris was adopted today. This is the story of little Iris. Imagine this--You are in a crate and was just tossed from a car onto the side of the road. You bump your head badly, your eye is seriously infected with a greenish-yellow discharge and bulging, your fur is very matted, and you hurt. Besides the pain you have no idea what your fate will now be. You are confused, sad, scared, and hurting in so many places. As luck would have it a sweet angel found Iris and took her straight to the vet. Iris's angel couldn't afford the cost of the eye surgery as well getting her the spay and dental Iris also needed. After trying everything to find her owner she contacted United Yorkie Rescue. As always United Yorkie Rescue knew they needed to save this adorable, sweet little girl. Iris had her eye surgery and with that eye gone she felt so much better. She had all her vetting and was finally ready for her forever home. Today sweet Iris went to her forever home. She has 2 human sisters, a wonderful mom,, a stay at home dad, a fenced yard, and lots of fun and play time. This wonderful family wanted and waited a long time for just the right pup to be theirs. Iris will be the apple of their eye and be doted on with so much love and attention. Happy, happy days sweet Iris.

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Chuy (aka Chewbacca)

10/19/20 Chuy found his forever home.

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10/17/20 Peanut is back in his original home which will be his forever home. As it turns out, the original vet used by the owner misdiagnosed a liver shunt condition. None was discovered so we determined the right course of action was to return Peanut once the owner reimbursed UYR for the vet expenses incurred.

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I have the best family in the world.

10-15-20 Sweet Pearl was adopted today. Pearl had a rough start. We are pretty sure she was a breeder dog for a backyard breeder. A dog this small at 5 pounds and this adorable, was the perfect dog to make more and more puppies for someone who only wanted to make more and more money. When they were done with her, she was advertised on Craig's List for anyone who would pay the fee to come and get her. Lucky for Pearl a wonderful, loving family paid that fee and took her home. Unlucky for Pearl the family dog didn't like her and let it be known she didn't want Pearl in her family.

Pearl's first angel knew despite the fee she paid, Pearl needed to go to a rescue where she would be cared for loved until the perfect forever family is found for her. And so, Pearl became a United Yorkie Rescue pup. After a trip to the vet it was discovered that Pearl had terrible teeth, and so many were infected. Sadly, she lost them all, but happily she feels so much better now and nothing could take away from all that cuteness.

Today Pearl went to her forever home. She has a stay at home mommy who was a nurse and a daddy who is home too. Best of all she has a fur brother who will probably be Pearl's new best friend. Pearl will get to have lots of attention with walks and play time and rides to the doggie beach with her new family. Her new mommy and daddy have promised her a life of love, care, and happiness forever. Pearl has a forever family that will be hers forever. Happy Tails to Pearl the best girl in the world.

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I love my new mom and she loves me too

10-13-20 Dougy was adopted today. Happy day for Dougy. He went to his perfect forever home. Dougy's new mom knows that Dougy may still need help with his house training and she is ready to do whatever is necessary. She said she will love him no matter what. He will get to go on walks every day, and he will make a lot of new friends at the doggie park in his community. His new mom is ready to take him everywhere she goes that a sweet doggie can go too. He would go to the gym, the community center, and will even get to go on doctor and hair appointments with his new mom. Dougy will get to visit friends with her and sleep with her on the big grown up bed at night. Dougy will be the only pet in his new mom's life. That means all the love and attention will be his. How lucky can one pup get? The answer for Dougy is very very lucky. Happy tails to Dougy the sweetest little doggie.

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Toby and new mom
Toby TX

5/4/20 Today little Toby, our cute Texas foster pup, was adopted into his forever home where he will be spoiled and loved.

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Sweetie with her new mom & dad

10/02/2020: What a wonderful ending to a rocky start for this sweetie girl. She came into UYR over 4 months ago and was heartworm positive. Sadly, her previous owners did not give her heartworm preventative. She went through heartworm treatment with flying colors, got her vaccinations updated, and recuperated in her foster home.

Sweetie is a kind and gentle little girlie who never really received the attention she so richly deserved. She likely had never been taken on a walk, or allowed the freedom to lie in the sun and roll in the grass outside. She was timid and fearful of all the wonderful adventures that were waiting for her outside, but she soon learned that listening to the gators growling in the lake, and the cicadas chriping in the trees were delightful and so much fun to listen to. She blossomed in her foster home and is now a happy, gentle and polite little girl who loves human interaction and attention.

She will be the only dog in her forever home and that will make her very happy, especially with two loving parents who will spoil her and treat her like the little princess she is. Sweetie, your foster mom will never ever forget you. Have a happy life - the one that you deserved all along is awaiting you!

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I am so happy. I was adopted today.

9-29-20 Brandi was adopted today. Sweet Brandi came to us from the shelter where she had previously been, was adopted, and then somehow ended up on the street again. Her overall condition was very poor and when the previous owners were contacted and told that she was there, and that there would be a citation issued due to neglect, they decided that they didn't want here anymore. Brandi was matted to the skin and covered in sticker plants. She had severe skin dermatitis possibly from fleas. Her skin was rough and there were areas of hair loss. The kind folks at the shelter immediately went to work to help her feel better and then reached out to UYR. Of course, we would take her. Brandi immediately went to the vet and was given medication for her skin and the best medicine of all lots and lots of love and care. Brandi got her much needed grooming, her skin cleared up and this beautiful girl found her forever home. Her forever mom is a retired nurse who will take care of Brandi's every need. There is a nice fenced yard and even a big brother to hang around with in that nice yard. Brandi is ready or the best years of her life. Happy Tails.

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Max and new family

09/19/2020. Our Amazing little United Yorkie Rescue foster, Max, went to his furever home today! His new mommy and big brother are over-the-moon in Love with this guy and have been following his journey with us since the beginning! Max's new neighborhood is even awaiting his arrival as they are very close knit and he will have lots of people looking out for him!

This special little nugget came back from so much! He was literally nose to tail full of infection and a rt. ear so cauliflowerd with hematomas (they were very heavy), that he walked off balance, with his head hanging low.

We can't wait for updates from his guardians, since he is truly beginning to flourish (he played with toys for the very first time in probably ever, this past week - video below) and show his silly personality, now that he is no longer in constant pain. I believe the reason Max always gives never-ending kisses, is to show his appreciation and thanks for giving him a chance

It takes a village and this little guy needed us desperately!

Happy Tails Sweet Max! You are a special gift & furever in our hearts

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Bear and Benny and their new mom and dad. We are a family now.

9-16-20 Benny and his best friend and brother Bear were adopted together today. Could life get any better for these two young guys, both still puppies. Their first mom had to care for her mother who lived out of the county and because of the way the world is now with the Covid-19 virus she was unable to get back home. She knew her babies had to find forever homes and the best way to find that perfect home was to surrender them to a rescue who would do just that for them, and we did. These two guys just love each other and now they have a stay at home mom, a fenced yard, and so much love. They will even get to travel around with their new mom and dad in their motor home. Benny and Bear will get to be together forever in their perfect forever home. Lucky, lucky boys. Happy Tails to our adorable puppies Benny and Bear.

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Bear and Benny and our mom and dad. We are a family now

Bear and his best friend and brother Benny were adopted together today. Could life get any better for these two young guys, both still puppies. Their first mom had to care for her mother who lived out of the county and because of the way the world is now with the Covid-19 virus she was unable to get back home. She knew her babies had to find forever homes and the best way to find that perfect home was to surrender them to a rescue who would do just that for them, and we did. These two guys just love each other and now they have a stay at home mom, a fenced yard, and so much love. They will even get to travel around with their new mom and dad in their motor home. Bear and Benny will get to be together forever in their perfect forever home. Lucky, lucky boys. Happy Tails to our adorable puppies Bear and Benny.

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Sassy loves her new mom.

9/12/20 Sassy was adopted today. Sassy is an adorable, sweet, and loving 13-month-old puppy who was surrendered by her former owners due to a change in their living environment. Sassy needed a home with someone who could be home with her more often so that a puppy with all that energy had more time to run and play as a puppy should. She also needed someone who had more time to work with Sassy on her puppy manners. Today Sassy got everything she needed. A stay a home mom and a fur brother to play with her all day. She was very excited to meet her new fur brother Brody as well as her new mommy and daddy. Soon she will have a fenced backyard. She is looking forward to playing with Brody and going for walks together. She shared lots of kisses with her new mommy and daddy. She has already settled in to her new home and loves to her new family. There will be lots of walks, snuggles, and fun every day. Hooray for Sassy. Her best times are ahead for years and years.

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09/01/20Lucky had been adopted, and his new mommy is so happy. I think he is pretty happy, too: although, he gave me that tear jerking look when I walked away and left him in the arms of his new mommy.

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Bear and new family
Bear TX

8-29-20 Bear has been adopted! He will be joining an 11 year old Shih-Tzu named Jack with his new parents to begin his best life. He will be getting all the attention he deserves with someone home all time along with a cool sibling to share the days adventures. His new forever home is familiar with pups that need extra care and loving as they were once fosters for another rescue. Bear will spend his days lounging around, evenings on walks and in the yard playing with the neighborhood dogs, and even boat rides when the weather is nice. He will be the envy of all the other dogs he meets. Bear was a special soul in need of special parents and he hit the jackpot! Happy Tails Bear! You will be sorely missed.

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Nothing but lots of love ahead for Dakota and her forever mommy.


Dakota was adopted today. Dakota was picked up as a stray by animal control and was in pretty bad shape. She had bilateral ear infections, was infested with fleas, and was very dirty and matted. It was obvious that she had been neglected for a long time. As if that wasn't enough for this precious little girl, her eyes had mature cataracts and corneal edema, and upon further examination, it was discovered that she had glaucoma in both eyes. Glaucoma causes pain that is more severe in dogs than in humans, so she most likely has been in pain for a long time. She was already non-visual in both eyes, so the decision was made to enucleate both of her eyes to alleviate the pain.

No one ever showed up at the shelter to pick up this precious little girl. When UYR was called about Dakota, it wasn't hard to make the decision to bring her into our Foster Care Program. Even though she is not a Yorkie she needed us and we were going to be there for her. Dakota bad ear infections took weeks to finally heal. This sweet girl who loved everyone and who probably spent a while blind and in pain went to her forever home and is ready to start living her best life ever. Her mom knows all about special needs dogs, but wait until she sees that this special needs pup is nothing but the sweetest love bug whose blindness has never stopped her from doing anything. There is a lot of love, cuddling, and kisses for Dakota and her forever mommy just ahead.

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Ginger formerly Charly

08/25/20. Ginger has been adopted! Her new family has waited patiently for that perfect companion to come along and Ginger was exactly what they were looking for. She will be joining two other Yorkie pups to begin a life full of love and playful times. Her adoptive parents are former rescuers to another UYR pup that lived her absolute best life. Ginger is the luckiest pup around!

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I have a new mom and dad and we are heading home. Happy days to me, Daisy
Daisy Mae

8/22/20 Daisy Mae was adopted today. Today Daisy Mae went to her forever home. She had fun in her foster home playing with the other young dog in the house and running around outside with him. But she needed a home to call her forever after home and she found it today. Her new mom and dad know that Daisy will need to stay on her special food and they know she needs to have lots of play time with them and with her new doggie cousin who will come over often to visit. Daisy has a beautiful fenced backyard to run around in and to play some great games of fetch and chase. She has a nice house with doggie beds and toys. Her new mommy and daddy are even excited to have Daisy share their bed with them when she wants to. This sweet girl who will give then kisses and more kisses has found her happily ever after and we are so happy for her.

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