At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Happily Ever After

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Princess and her forever mom. So happy.

4-22-20 Pretty Princess was adopted today! It took a long time and two operations, but finally Princess went to her forever home. Princess was with her foster mom for several months and it was hard to say good-bye but she knew Princess would now have a mom who would be able to be with her all day, everyday. Princess came to us needing emergency life saving surgery. When she finally healed from that, we found that she needed another surgery to remove mammary tumors. Finally, in spite of a pandemic, Princess was ready for her forever home. Taking all precautions necessary to stay safe, Princess was adopted by her forever mom. Princess will be an only dog, which is exactly what she wanted, with her stay at home mom. Princess is ready to get all that love and attention. Happy Tails to our pretty Princess.

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Maui and her forever mom and dad and sister

4/22/20 Maui was adopted today. Maui was sadly surrendered by her family to the shelter when they could no longer take care of her. She has some medical issues that the shelter started treating. She had a large mammary tumor removed. Thank goodness the pathology showed no cancer. Maui biggest issue, though, was her skin condition. Maui's came to United Yorkie Rescue with itchy flaky skin from allergies. This was treated and she improved, then had to be treated again and again improved, and then treated once more again and once again improved. It is more than likely going to be an ongoing issue. Mauis foster mom was she that Maui may even need to go to a doggie dermatologist to figure out what was going on with Maui. Maui is such a sweetheart, but who would want a dog with an issue that may need a lifetime of treatment and care and vet visits. But someone did, someone wanted to make Maui a part of their family, someone was ready to love and care for Maui for the rest of her life. Maui now has a stay at home mom and dad and a fur sister who is about her same age and size. Maui couldn't have found a better home for her forever in the whole world. And Maui's world will be filled with everything she could ever want or need. Happy Forever to you, Maui.

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Prissy TX

04/18/20. Today, this little girl has found her forever home! She will be loved unconditionally!

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The Lone Ranger has found his forever family. Looking forward to Happily Ever After

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Dusty Rose and her forever mom. Happy life ahead for Dusty Rose.
Dusty Rose

4/10/20 Dusty Rose was adopted today. Before Dusty came into United Yorkie Rescue, this little girlie has already been in two homes through no fault of her own. She was surrendered to UYR due to house-training issues. Dusty is just a year old and puppies need consistency. They need to be allowed to go out often so that they will learn what is and is not appropriate and where to do their business. Both of her former homes were unable to provide this consistency due to work schedules. Things changed when she came to United Yorkie Rescue. With a lot of consistency and training in her foster home, Dusty Rose made a lot of progress. She loves to walk and she loves to play. Dusty Rose loves all people, kitty cats, and other dogs. Dusty Rose is just one great puppy who only needed the right forever home. Today Dusty went to that great forever home. She has a perfect stay at home mom and dad. She will get to sleep in her new mom and dad's bed. She will go on long walks, and most of all she will get the continued training she still needs. She will get to travel with them in their motor home and meet new people and make new fur friends. Dusty Rose will have the best life ever. This special puppy found her forever happily ever after.

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Leia Star

Leia Star has found her happily ever after

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Marley and new family
Marley IA

04/08/20. Marley has a new home. Marley was adopted today. He found a wonderful home with a fenced backyard and a brother to play with.

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Hi, I am so lucky. I have the best forever home ever.

4/6/10 Sandi is adopted. Sandi found her most perfect forever home. This sweet girl who came to us on Halloween came with some behavior issues. She loved her people, but wasn't fond of strangers and others she didn't know well. She was sometimes okay with other dogs and sometimes she wasn't. Sandi had some serious behavior training with some wonderful trainers and her foster parents worked very very hard with her. Sandi also worked hard and made some good progress. It paid off because today she was adopted by the most wonderful mom ever. She has a perfect mom who is going to take her to work with her and give her the best care. Most of all she is going to love Sandi forever and no matter what she will make sure Sandi gets everything she needs to be a happy dog. She gets to have a home with a nice fenced yard and lots of toys and doggie beds and good healthy food. Sandi is such a lucky girl. She couldn't have asked for a better home and a more loving foster mom.

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My mom and dad love me so much.

4-3-20 Meet little Dylan. Tiny 10 year old 5.5 pound Dylan was picked up as a stray walking the streets. His possible owners were contacted by the shelter and told they had to come get him within the next 48 hours. If they didn't come, he would go to a rescue. His owners never came. It is possible they knew he needed surgery. It was obvious that there was something very wrong with his hind end. They chose to let him go to a rescue, and Dylan became a United Yorkie Rescue dog. We knew that Dylan would need a huge surgery for a bilateral perianal hernia repair. Dylan had his big surgery and after a lot of love and healing he was ready for his forever home.

Today Dylan went to his forever home. He has a stay at home mommy and daddy all to himself. He will have all the doggie toys and beds he could want. He will go on walks and have so much fun. We are so happy for sweet Dylan. He will be surrounded and wrapped up in so much love and happiness. We are so happy for Dylan. Happy Tails and Happy Days to you.

Dylan would like to say a few words. "I liked them the moment I met them. They held me and petted me and petted me some more. I am so happy now and want to thank everyone for all the kindness you showed me and help you gave me!" Love, Dylan.....

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Millie and new family

04/06/20. I have some fabulous news. Millie was adopted! She has a wonderful new forever family. She is settling in very well. She is the center of attention and is getting spoiled, as she deserves.

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I have the best daddy in the world

3-29-20 Lovely Lola was adopted today. Seven-year-old Lola was very sadly surrendered by her loving family who has had her since she was 9 weeks old. Several family members developed severe allergies and were concerned that Lola was part of the issues. They reached out to UYR and we were so happy that she did. Lola is a very sweet and loving little love bug. She is a happy little girlie who freely gives kisses. She loves to sleep in her human’s bed. She loves lying by her people on the sofa and can cuddle for hours. Lola was happy in her foster home, but she really wanted a home of her own and her own forever family. Today Lola went to her forever home. She has wonderful daddies who are so happy to have sweet Lola as their girl. Lola has a fur sister for her friend who is ready to share her daddies with Lola. They will go on walks together, play together, and have so much fun. Lola will always have a daddy who is ready with a lap and love and kisses. They are already in love with Lola because once in Lola always in love with Lola. Happy Tails forever little Lola.

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My new mom and dad love me.

3-28-20 Jax came to UYR from a shelter unable to walk after being crated all the time by his previous owners. Jax immediately had surgery and numerous laser treatments. I am happy to report that Jax is now walking, swimming, and rebuilding his body mass on both hind legs. finally after a two months of healing and therapy Jax was ready for his forever home. Jax was adopted today by a wonderful furever mommy and daddy who will continue to do therapy with Jax and give him unconditional love. Enjoy the rest of your life little Jax.

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Paislee is Adopted!

3-27-20 Poor little Paislee had a rough time wandering the streets before coming into United Yorkie Rescue. She was alone, matted, afraid, and had no safe place to snuggle down and be loved and cared for. Well, those days are gone and Paislee will have the life of a princess now where she will be loved beyond measure, have a beautiful home and yard to call her own and even an adorable fur-brother who is also a UYR alumnus! What a happy tale and a PAWFECT BEGINNING to your new life Paislee (who will now be known as Baylee). Have a wonderful life!

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My new mom and dad really love me
Bentley Bowser

3/26/20 Bentley Bowser was adopted today. Bentley was in a home where the toddler in the home teased him. The owners chose to surrender him to a home where he was an only dog with a retired older lady. Sadly, his new elderly mom was unable to care for him and alerted her family she needed help. The nice family member who took him into her home realized that Bentley was in dire need of vetting. He was covered in fleas, and it was discovered that he is highly sensitive to fleabites. A kind-hearted Samaritan stepped up to take Bentley to the vet and get his vaccinations updated and some much-needed medications for relief of his itching, and then reached out to United Yorkie Rescue. It was at that moment that Bentley's life turned around and smiled upon him. His foster mom discovered he is easy-going, loves playing fetch, and enjoys playing with toys. He is a very loving little fella. Bentley loves curling up next to his person on the sofa or in bed. Bentley loved his walks and car rides and life was great. All that was missing was his forever home. Today Bentley found that forever home and he couldn't be happier. He loves his new mom and dad and he loves having a wonderful fenced yard to play in. Bentley Bowser will be the only dog in their life and all their love and time will go to him. Walks and car rides, toys and games, and love and love and more love coming his way. Happy Tails sweet Bentley Bowser.

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Hurray for me. I found my perfect forever home
Smokey Bear

3-25-20 Smokey Bear was adopted today. If we could have read this adorable senior boy's mind early in March, we would probably find it filled with fear and anxiety. His mom, who he was with since being a puppy, was gone all of a sudden, and the family that came to visit couldn't take care of him. Who would want a 13-year-old slightly overweight but otherwise wonderful and perfect fellow? Smokey was pretty sad when he got to his foster home. He missed his mommy, he missed his old home, he missed his old life.

It took a little while but Smokey Bear finally started to understand that his foster mom loved him and was going to take great care of him. He knew she would find him the perfect forever home. A place he will be forever loved and cared for until his very last day. Today that happened. Smokey Bear found his perfect forever home. He has a wonderful mommy who will love and care for him forever. He will be the only pup in her life and he will get almost all her attention. He only has to share a little of that attention with the kitty who lives in his forever home too. Smokey is okay with that. He already likes her a lot, in fact they have become good friends. He has a nice fenced yard where he can get some sun and just hang out. Smokey Bear will have the best, most wonderful life for the rest of his life. Happy tails and happy forever little Smokey Bear.

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Fizgig (aka Fizzy)

04/03/20. Fizgig, has found his new Forever Home and family.His new mom said he is enjoying playing with his brother & running in the yard. His name has changed to Otis, She says he answers to that when she calls for him.He has settled in the home & new surroundings well. He is such a smart little boy!

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Diaval has a new mom

2/21/20 Diaval found his perfect forever home today. He has a wonderful life ahead of him! Congrations Diaval :-)

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My new mommy loves me so much

3/18/20 Cody, the cutest little dog, was adopted today. Little Cody who is a tiny young Pomeranian somehow ended up on the street and was taken to the local shelter. Hard to believe that no one came to claim him. The shelter put him up for adoption. Who wouldnt want such a cutie? When a potential adopter went to visit him, she grabbed at him in the cage and this not even 5-pound scared little guy nipped at her. Of course, they didn't want him anymore. They said he was aggressive, and so Cody went from the adoption floor to the For Rescue Only area. There he waited for someone to give him a chance because he really was a good boy. This little guy needed out of the shelter and into someones loving arms soon, and that is what United Yorkie Rescue did, they took him and gave him that chance.

Cody didnt have an aggressive bone in his tiny body. Still it didnt take long for Cody's foster parents to realize that Cody must have little very little human interaction in his short life. He didn't want to be touched or have anything to do with his foster mom or dad. He wouldn't eat and retreated under the bed. In time, with lots and lots of love, understanding, and patience, finally Cody came to understand people aren't bad, that they can be trusted and it is okay to be with them and let them hold you and cuddle with you and even once in a while give them a kiss. After 6 weeks in his foster home Cody was ready to be adopted. He needed a home where he would be the only dog so that he could get the attention and time he needed to continue with his socialization skills. Today Cody went to his forever home with his forever mommy. She promised Cody that she would love him and be patient with him, giving him the time he needed to know she is kind and caring. She already loves him. Cody will have such a great life with his forever mom for his life forever.

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I am adopted. My new mom and dad love me so much.

3-17-20 Happy Adoption Day to Parker. It couldn't have been a happier ending if it was in a fairy tale book. Parker found the most wonderful home and family ever.

Parker is an adorable 3-year-old little Yorkie boy who didn't have such a great start in life. He was paralyzed in his pelvic limbs (rear legs) at birth and was unable to walk - his front limbs are normal. Parker has improved with his mobility and is able to ambulate reasonably well although he is uncoordinated and will fall over if he gets too excited. Parker also does a lot of panting and no one could understand why. In order to figure out all that was going on with him, Parker was taken to the neurologist. After the neurologist observed Parker for a few hours, followed by a consult with UYR, we were told in order to know what is going on with Parker he would need a lot more diagnostic tests. This expense would have been several thousands of dollars and a big expense for United Yorkie Rescue to undertake.

Sometimes miracles do happen and these wonderful people, now Parker's new mom and dad, knew that they had to adopt Parker in order for him to get those tests and the care he may need for his life. They knew it would be hard for a rescue to pay that, but they were ready, willing, and able, to love this sweet, sweet boy and make sure he got everything he needed including all the tests the neurologist recommended and the love and care for the rest of his life. Parker found his angels and our happiness for him has made all our hearts smile. For Parker it truly is the fairy tale ending—and they all lived happily ever after.

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