At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Lucy Lu and her new mom - sweet!
Lucy Lu

4-20-17 Lucy Lu went to her forever home today. This sweet girl who found herself in a shelter for over three weeks through no fault of her own never thought she would find the happy life she so deserved. While at the shelter she got sick. They couldn't spay her and so she couldn't leave the shelter. Finally United Yorkie Rescue was able to come to her rescue and take her from the shelter and shower her with medical care, love, affection, and attention. It took almost a month before Lucy was well enough to be able to go to her forever home. Finally Lucy found the most wonderful new mom—a mom who will give Lucy a lifetime of love and attention. It will be just Lucy Lu and her new mommy until the end of her days. Lucy and her wonderful mommy are starting a new life together forever.

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Poopsie with her new furever family and fur-brother Beau

4/19/17 Poopsie was adopted today. She has such a wonderful new mom and dad. Her new mom and dad are home all the time, and she will never be left alone again. She will get to sleep in their bed, go on golf cart rides, and take walks to the duck pond to watch the ducks. Poopsie will have a wonderful screened in lanai to hang out in, and of course she will have all the doggie toys and beds a little pup could want. They promised Poopsie she will be theirs till death do they part. Life couldn't be any better for sweet little Poopsie.

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Mickey with his new Mom

4/19/17 Mickey was adopted today. Mickey came to UYR looking for stability and much needed love and attention. Mickey went to his forever Mommy and Daddy who are both retired and can spend their days doting on their precious new fur baby. Mommy and Daddy were so excited that they sent his foster mommy pictures of Mickey walking into his new home and immediately jumping up into his daddy’s lap. It makes his foster mom so happy to see that Mickey just somehow knew he is finally home…Thank you to Mickey’s furever family. Mickey will always be in his foster mommy’s heart.

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4/17/17 Mia was adopted today. When she met her new mom and dad it was kisses, lots and lots of kisses, for them. She knew this was the family she was always meant to have. From the time Mia was taken off the streets and treated for two tick-borne diseases, had surgery for mammary tumors, along with a spay and much needed dental, she was destined to have a wonderful life. And today it happened. Her new family said she will be sleeping with them, going on walks, taking trips, and enjoying the screened porch for lying in the sun when she wants to. What more could a sweet little dog want? Mia's life does have a happily ever after and no dog deserved it more. Happy Tails, little Mia.

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Candy was adopted with UYR Foster Dog Barney - sweet!

4-14-17 Candy found her playmate, best friend, and forever home all in one day. Candy was adopted today with United Yorkie Rescue pup Barney and the fun and games started right away. She needed an active family and a fur friend to play with. Candy now has a fur brother about her age and size. She also has a human brother and sister who are ready to play with her anytime she wants. Her new forever mom and dad love this sweet girl already and have supplied her with a basket full of toys. All Candy's dreams came true today. Have fun Candy. Life will forever be wonderful for you.

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Barney was adopted with UYR Foster Dog Candy - sweet~

4-14-17 Barney not only found his wonderful forever home, he also got a new best friend. This almost perfect pup was adopted along with United Yorkie Rescue pup Candy. They two of them will spend the rest of their lives running and playing and being friends forever. How wonderful for this sweet, three legged little guy. He never let that stop him from living the best life ever. He ran and jumped and played. Barney taught us all a lesson in living his life to the fullest no matter what life throws your way. Now he will have his forever home with a new fur sister and a two legged brother and sister and a great mom and dad. Hooray and Happy tails little Barney. Your foster mom and dad are so happy for you.

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Yoda and new dad

4/14/17 Yoda found his forever home with a new dad today.

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Jessie and her new mom

4-12-17 Jessie went to her perfect forever home. She now has a big home, a big fenced yard, and the most loving and dedicated mom. Jessie's mother was thrilled to adopt Jessie. She had her pet necessities and accessories ordered for her ahead of time. She thought Jessie was just perfect for her in every way. Jessie's foster family certainly agreed. Jessie will have an extended family including doggie family members . She will now live in the same neighborhood with many of her adoptive mom's immediate family. Jessie gave her mew mom tons of kisses as soon as she met her. It took her new mom two years after losing her last pup before looking and falling in love with Jessie. Jessie went through a lot in her past and will now live in the lap of luxury and love, furever.

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Mr. Pippen

4/11/17 Mr. Pippin has found his perfect forever home with a loving mom and 3 fur siblings as playmates.

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4/9/17 Sweet Taz was adopted today. This almost perfect boy now has a great forever home. He will have a stay at home mom and dad, a nice fenced yard, a fur sister to play with, and even some kids who will come over to visit often to play with him. This couldn't be a better home for this dog loving, kid loving, grown-up people loving dog.

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4/8/17: TWO Happy Faces!!! There is a reason this pup has beaten all the odds . . . You are looking at it.

Picked up as a stray, labeled Rescue Only . . . why? His age. Seniors don't matter. To UYR they DO MATTER

Blood work, check. Urinalysis, check.

Dental . . . ut oh. Melanoma . . . not adoptable . . . Melanoma Staging came back . . . BENIGN! Adoptable! . . . . 3 tumors . . . ut oh . . it's just fatty tissue . . . . aspirated. Nothing get's this pup down . . . He's good to go! And go he did today to a wonderful lady who just adores him.

A retired Nurse, a retired Yorkie, a match made in heaven. Sammy is now in a sweet little apartment with retired residents as neighbors. A lovely street in which to take walks, friends to pet and spoil him, and a wonderful new mom that is going to love and take care of him furever . . . No stairs, he's got an elevator! What more could you ask for. Happy Tails Sammy, you have certainly earned it.

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3-29-17 Today the best dog in the world went to his forever home. Zozo made everyone who met him smile and laugh. He is so just full of love and life and fun and craziness. Zozo needed a home where he could run and play with another dog in a fenced yard. He wanted a mom and dad who would be around all the time because he loves his people so much, and that is exactly what he got. Zozo had a rough start in life. He ended up on the streets full of ticks and then was most likely hit by a car. When he ended up in the shelter he was totally paralyzed and was 30 minutes away from being euthanized until finally his angel came and saved him and took him immediately to the vet clinic. It was there that they discovered he was covered in ticks, which caused the paralysis. After the vet removed over 100 ticks Zozo was able to start on his long road to recovery. He has severe nerve damage to his left shoulder that cannot be repaired. This has caused him to not walk well on his left front leg. Zozo spent a month at the vet clinic recovering before finally coming to his United Yorkie Rescue foster home. After another month of recovery he found his perfect and final forever home. He will be so loved and so happy there. It is everything this sweet boy ever dreamed of and needed to make his not so good life into a wonderful perfect life. Zozo deserves all the love and happiness that will be coming his way. Zozo's foster mom and dad, who will miss him, are so happy that this special pup will have a wonderful happily ever after life.

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Coco Bean

3-26-17 Coco Bean went to her new forever home today. They have promised little Coco Bean that she will never ever be homeless again. They promised to love her and care for her and cherish her for her whole life. This sweet baby who started her life as one of 27 dogs taken out of a hoarding situation found herself homeless once again after her first adoption didn't work out. Her new mom was not able to keep her. But it wasn't long before Coco Bean found her true forever home. Her new mom and dad knew right away that Coco Bean was the right dog for them and that she was meant to be theirs forever. This sweet, adorable little girl has found her forever home and this time it will be forever.l

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3/18/16 On New Year's Eve Pepper was found wandering the streets and was picked up by Animal Control. It was not the best place to be on New Years, but at least she was off the streets, being fed, and was warm and safe. They could see she was having a great deal of trouble waking. It was discovered that she had a shattered hip and two broken legs. Once UYR rescued her she promptly saw the orthopedic surgeon. It was determined that Pepper's injuries were months old, and she was not a candidate for corrective surgery. Because medical intervention was not given at the time of injury, the bones did not heal correctly, which has resulted in Pepper having a significant limp. The vet told her foster parents that when this accident occured she must have been in terrible pain. Poor Pepper. But at least she is no longer in pain and the gimpy limp has not slowed pretty Pepper down by any means. Although she is not one to run around she does love being outdoors and roaming free in the fenced backyard. Her foster parents knew that Pepper needed a home where she would be loved and accepted exactly as she is. Today Pepper found that perfect forever home with her perfect forever mom. When Pepper went to meet her new mom and get adopted there were balloons on the mailbox and new doggie toys and beds inside just waiting to welcome Pepper. It was like Christmas and her birthday all rolled into one wonderful day. Pepper has everything she will ever need or want. A wonderful home, a fenced yard for sunning and roaming, lots and lots of toys and doggie beds, and the best forever mom anyone could want. Never again will she be on the streets alone. She has a home now and it's forever.

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3/18/17 Hooray for sweet Honey. She was adopted today. Honey's former family was no longer able to care for her and she was sadly surrendered to United Yorkie Rescue. It didn't take long for her foster family to know that Honey lived up to her name, she is as sweet as honey and as lovable as could be. Honey needed a home wth an active life. As much as she loves to cuddle she also would not be happy being a couch potato. Honey now has a real boy to play with her, and we all know how much boys like to play. She also has an older fur brother. Her new forever home has a really nice fenced yard and Honey and her fur brother and especially her human brother will have a great time in the backyard running and playing and Honey will be having the time of her life.

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3/17/17/ Griffin was adopted today. It took a while and two surgeries on his hip, but finally Griffin was adopted into his perfect family. His new mom loved him from the second she saw his picture on Looking for Love and knew he just had to be her forever baby. Griffin's first owner was a breeder. His second owner rescued him from this breeder when she saw him hanging Griffin by a chain around his neck. She took him and cared for him until he sustained a hip injury and she could no longer afford his care. That is when she contacted United Yorkie Rescue to come save this sweet boy. Griffin needed to have his displaced hip surgically repaired and recovery was a long, slow process. Finally he was well enough to be adopted and it was such a happy day. His new mom and his new fur brother are so happy to welcome Griffin into their family forever.

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3/17/17 Scooter went to his forever home today. Scooter found himself in the shelter scared and alone. While there he was so fearful the shelter thought he had seizure. He was released right away into the care of United Yorkie Rescue. While at his foster home he was well taken care of and there was not a hint of a seizure ever. He did have issues with crystals in his urine. It took a few months to get that under control with proper diet and an acidifier to balance his pH levels. His foster parents knew this adorable, sweet boy had found his true forever home when they saw how much his new Mommy and Daddy loved him from the first minute they saw him. There were tons of cuddles and kisses and hugs. They knew that Scooter will need to be monitored for crystals always and they were okay with doing whatever he needed. They have given Scooteer a wonderful home with a wonderful fenced yard and playmates in the neighborhood. Scooter is getting so much love and so much care. No dog could ask for a better home to spend his forever and ever days. Happy Tails little Scooter. Home at last.

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Adyn and new mom

Adyn was adopted today. He will be "living the life" in a California beach town, enjoying daily walks to the beach, with his new fur sister, Roxy, and of course, his new Mommy.

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3-13-17 Stanley the adorable puppy was adopted today. He has the most perfect forever home. There is another puppy just his size and age and they have done nothing but play and play and play with each other. He also has a stay at home mommy and an older fur sister who likes to watch the fun. Stanley could not have found a more perfect home for himself. Everything a puppy could need or want Stanley now has. Hooray for Stanley.

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Puppy and new family

3/12/17: Puppy found his forever home today with a new mom and dad and a yorkie sister.

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