At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Florida Buddy
Florida Buddy

Buddie's name says it all. He is my new best friend. I just adore him. He is a smart lovable little pup that loves to play, and he makes me smile every day. We even swim in the pool together! I'm so glad we found one another. Thanks UYR!!

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Cheech / Ditka

Cheech, formerly Ditka, has a happy new home. His new mom writes:

It's been a while so I thought I'd update you on Cheech. I've attached a picture of him with his favorite toy, a kangaroo.

My dog trainer, Doree Rawlings, has been fantastic and things have gotten progressively better. All three dogs are much calmer and happier. Cheech and Roo cannot be together yet, but they do sniff noses nicely through their crates so there's hope that one day they might be friends. Even if they can never be together, Doree has helped me developed a routine that works and will allow me to keep Cheech. He's a nervous boy, at times, but absolutely adorable.

The dogs are well exercised and feeling more safe and secure ... happy dogs, happy owner.

Thank you for the suggestion of getting a dog trainer. She has made world of difference.

Colleen Keefe

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Bo and new mom, Taryn

Hi everyone!

My boyfriend Andrew and I just recently adopted Bo and just love him to death. He is the sweetest little dog that you would ever want to meet. Adopting Bo was the best thing that we could have ever done. We have wanted to adopt for awhile now but have worried how our other dog would handle it due to being the only dog and QUEEN of the house for 6 years. To be honest she was a little upset at first but now she is so happy to have a companion to run around with. He truly fits into our family so nicely and is such a wonderful addition.

Bo is absolutely loving his long walks and playing with his new sister. The other night we took the two of them to run some errands with us and Bo sat on Andrew’s lap with his front legs on the steering wheel like he was driving. It was such a hilarious sight and a confirmation that he is feeling very comfortable with his new family.

The whole adoption process was wonderful and all the individuals we worked with (Mary, Jack and Rene) were amazing and so extremely helpful. I will highly recommend the United Yorkie Rescue to friends and family because it is a fantastic organization with an amazing purpose.

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Hi, Here are a couple of pictures of Sassy. She continues to do very well and has fit right in with no problems. Her weight seems to be reducing slowly but we keep working on it.

Dennis and Ellie

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See this video of Ty making a bed."Ty Makes Dad's Bed"

Boo, our 6 year old yorkie poo, joined our family of 5 (two boys, two parents and one beagle) almost a year ago. Boo (formerly known as Ty) had been rescued from a shelter and had to undergo treatments for heartworm. His foster parents took great care of him and saw him through that terrible process until he was ready to join us.

Boo is the sweetest little guy! After a brief period of adjustment he filled a place in our home and all of our hearts. We love him so much, and he loves us too! He is always so happy and joyful to see us—even if we have only left the room for a couple of minutes! He loves everyone he meets. He is so playful and funny, a loving addition to our family. We are so happy we found him, he has added to our enjoyment of life. He is our Boo.

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Amahle and her new family

AMAHLE went to her forever home today - Christmas Eve! She was delighted to finally have her very own mom & dad and also their pretty granddaughter Lisa who was visiting. Amahle has a big house to roam around in, and her parents will dote on her just as it should be for a little Princess. She may have had a difficult start in life, but she will never ever find herself homeless again. Her mommy Betzee is sad since now all 3 of the puppies she nursed have 'left the nest', but hopefully soon, Betzee will find her own forever home where she can be treated like a princess as well. Have a Happy life, Amahle - your Foster Mom Dianne and foster Dad Ray will never ever forget you!

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Adonis and new mom

The daughter of Adonis new mom writes:

Just wanted to let you know that I have settled in very nicely thank you. I really love my new Mom. She even makes me oatmeal to go with my breakfast in the morning. I went to get my hair done for the holidays, and they said I was even cuter then the snowman kerchief they put on me. Then we went to visit Mom's daughter Linda and her big dog tried to get too close to my mom. I had to remind him who he was dealing with here. That is My Mommy!! And she talks to me all the time and is even telling all her friends about me.

She does have me sleeping in a doggy bed in her room, still working on breaking her down on that, but everyone say's "WE ARE A PERFECT MATCH". I couldn't agree more.

I wanted to thank everyone at United Yorkie Rescue for having a heart and taking me in and believing in me. I knew there was someone out there for me to love and would love me back forever.

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Here's an update from Kirby's FURever family:

"Just wanted to update you on Kirby. The first couple of days back here were interesting, as Kirby and Cami learned about each other (no violence, just a lot of sulking on Cami's part). They are now best friends and cuddle together! My dad came down for Christmas, and he and Kirby immediately fell in love with each other. And many of Katie's friends have dropped by to meet Kirby - we have literally had to pull him out of someone's arms as they were trying to walk out the door with him! He has adapted really well to the snow (which is finally just about all gone), and is wonderful about letting me know that he has to go out by circling at the back door. I will say, though, that it takes me about half an hour to get out of bed in the mornings, because he and Cami demand that they be adored, worshiped, and tummy rubbed before I am allowed to get out of bed for the day. It's hard to believe that two small dogs, totaling 12 pounds together, can make it impossible to get out of bed! Kirby just flies up and down the stairs and loves to see how fast he can go.

We think we are just about the luckiest three people on earth to have these two dogs be part of our lives!"

Dick, Margaret, and Katie

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Ellie and new mom

Ellie has found her Angels in her new Mom and Dad. She and her mom bonded immediately. Her Mom fell in love with her the minute she walked in my door. Ellie never leaves her side. Because she now has a fenced in yard her potty training has really kicked in. Ellie decided the first night there to just hop into bed with her Mom and Dad, and slept soundly all night in her forever home.

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We feel lucky to have our baby Lily. She just lightens up my day when I get home and I see her in the window.

The whole experience was pleasant with the adoption. Our vet even made the comment: “I am impressed with the quality of the paperwork you got on the health of the dog” and that we got a great dog from the United Yorkie Rescue.

We might even consider getting Lily a sister.

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Sizani, now Brandi

Brandi and her Elmo chair

February 24, 2010

Hello everyone. I am just soooo excited to tell you that, on December 6, 2009 (Little Christmas Day) my new mommy & daddy drove over 2 ½ hours one way ~ just to pick me up for adoption at my foster mommy Phyllis’ home. My new home is far away from my two foster mom’s ~ Diane & Phyllis, my two sisters ~ Amahle & Jabulie and my mommy ~ Betzee.

I want them all to know ~ I’m happy and loved very much here in my new home and that my two sisters have found loving forever homes too.

Since leaving my foster homes: I have a new home on the Florida Space Coast, mommy, daddy & brother ~ Ricky. He is a black poodle, and somehow I feel a connection with him, maybe because mommy Betzee was a poodle too. I’m housebroken “for the most part”, have learned -- thanks to foster mommy Phyllis to walk good on a leash, have taken a really long car trip to Connecticut & back visiting family, and enjoyed my first Christmas.

I am now about 5 months old and weigh 15 pounds…mommy says I’m just a little piggy, because I’ll eat my food then eat Ricky’s food. He’s just very slow eating, so I just help him ….finish it. Most of the time Ricky and I get along really well. We play outside in our backyard and run around the house until he’s worn out. Once that happens he’ll give me that ol’ growl, so I’ll back off for awhile. I do have a bad habit…after playing with Ricky and he quits…..I’ll eat all the plastic and vinyl toys, so mommy has given me a hard plastic bottle to play with, like my foster mom Phyllis did….it makes all kinds of great noises, rolls all over the house, under furniture and keeps me busy (mommy too) ~ it’s my favorite toy.

My hair is medium length, fluffy, soft, curly, and a color mix of black, tan, & white. My legs a very long, and my tail curls way over onto my back. I can jump really high and leap twice as far ~ my new mommy says; I definitely have no Yorkie in me…but maybe part kangaroo…..

I would like to thank my foster mom’s ~ Diane and Phyllis~ from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of me and teaching me how to be a good puppy until my forever home was found.

Also, a huge thank you to United Yorkie Rescue for taking 'non-Yorkies' ~ my mom, my two sisters and me in to your loving homes from a kill shelter. Without your help.......I could not have written this letter..... :)

Most of all….I pray that mommy ~ Betzee ~ gets a wonderful forever home soon.



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Harry and new mom

Harry-Houdini here. OK .. I'm on my way to my forever home .. my FM sent me on a plane with her mom ... we're heading up north where I hear it's pretty cold there! My Grand-FM is telling everyone on the plane that my forever mom is waiting for me. I hope I like my new home. We just landed .. we're going down the escalator .. there she is .. there she is!! My forever mom has a sign so that I don't go to the wrong person! My forever mom is soooo excited to see me, she began kissing me and kissing me. Thank goodness my FM made sure my Grand-FM packed a winter jacket for me. It's much colder in New England than in Miami, FL.

My new forever mom took me to her house where I met my 2 fur-sisters! They're older than me, but they seem nice enough. I have my own bed, my own toys, and my own bowl to eat out of. My forever mom bought me a stroller also!! WOW, what a nice lady! She likes it when I sleep near her. My forever dad is nice too, but mom likes to keep me close to her!! I think I'm going to be very happy in my new forever home. Mom promises to take me with her as much as she can! She bought a nice big bag full of fur .. and I sit in it when she sneaks me into the stores for shopping!!

Well, I've got to run, I'm going to work with my forever mom .. she loves me soooo much. I can tell because the hugs and kisses NEVER stop.

NOTE from Harry-Houdini's forever mom: After I met Harry-Houdini at the airport I couldn't believe how nice he was. Very gentle and friendly. He's such a good boy. He's very friendly and seems to like everyone. I already can't imagine life without him. I promise to love him forever and ever. He's my FUR-EVER SON!

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Little Libby was found in a box in a shopping cart in a hot south Florida parking lot. She was all of 2 1/2 pounds with no hair due to demodex mange. She had mites in her eyes and ears along with a hernia and bad teeth. We found out about her in October at the Walk for Animals in our town. United Yorkie Rescue was there with some of their dogs. We came over to talk to them with our little not quite 4 pound Yorkie, Cupcake. I knew we had to have her. That next day I filled out the adoption papers and waited. When Libby's foster mom called me I was beyond excited. When we all met Libby in November it was love love love. Libby came to live with us permanently December 1, 2009. Her mange treatments were completed and her hair was coming back in.

Libby is about the sweetest thing ever. She is loving and playful. She does like to try to eat whatever she finds on the ground, but will "leave it" when told to do so. She is enjoying her sister Cupcake and the two share lots of toys and fun. She has a great fenced backyard to run around in and rarely has an accident in the house. She loves to snuggle with us and, although it a little crowded, we all sleep together on the bed. Each girl has her own little bed and they sleep up by our pillow. Libby's new furever dad made a ramp for her and Cupcake so they can get up and down on the bed easily. Libby gives the biggest greet to us when we come home and follows us all over the house. Her greatest pleasure in life is just being with us. Although it is hard to reconcile that someone would just throw her away like that, we feel so lucky that she came into our lives. You can see what Libby looked like at the time of her rescue on the Yorkie Rescue You Tube video on demodex mange. And, look at her now. She was a little dog just waiting to die, and now at 3 1/2 beautiful pounds she looks forward to everyday and loves her life to the fullest.

It is a wonderful happy tails ending and beginning for us all. Ilene, Steve, and Cupcake

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Jabulie and new mom

UPDATE 12/05/09: Here's an update from Jabulie's (now named CoCo Chanel) new mom:

I am so happy that I found little Coco Chanel (Jabulie) at UYR. Her foster mom Dianne and foster dad Ray took such good care of her. They are absolutely wonderful people who truly love animals. The time they give to foster and care for so many forgotten dogs is amazing and humbling.

Coco (Jabulie) is a sweet little girl who loves to play and have fun with other dogs. She was a bit scared when she first came to my home but within just a few days, she feels right at home. Thanks to her wonderful foster parents, she eats well, goes outside to potty and is very well behaved. Everything is new to her; it's so much fun watching her reactions to all her new experiences. She is just a joy and I'm so glad to have her. I would recommend anyone looking for a new pet to please adopt. There are so many animals who need a home and it may take some time but I assure you, you will find the right one for you. Coco is a gift that I feel privileged to have received.

Susie, Coco's new FURever mom!

Hi everybody, it's Jabulie - guess what? I got 'dopted today and I'm sooooo happy in my new home with my new mommy - she's very pretty and sooooo nice. She talks to me really sweet and soft like Foster Mom did and I like that cuz I'm a 'delicate lil' flower' - that's what FM called me, hehe! Oh, and my new mommy gave me a brand new name - I'm now CoCo Chanel - she said that was a berry famous lady who made par-fumes -- what's dat? Anyway, I have wots and wots of doggie cousins and na-bors to play with here in my new home. I miss my sissies Amahle and Sizani and I hope that dey will find wunnerful homes like me; I really miss my mommy too - she took such good care of me and my sissies.

My new mommy walked me down to visit with the na-bors and their doggies; I was kinda skeered at first cuz they look very different from my foster brothers and sissies, but I think I'm gonna like to play with them when I get to know them better.

I wanna thank my Foster Mommy Dianne & Foster Daddy Ray for making sure me and my sissies and my mommy didn't die in the shelter, and also my Auntie Jill for coming to the shelter to pick up all of us and keeping us for a few days, Auntie Jenn for transporting me to my Auntie Casey who over-nighted us, and my Uncle Andy for getting me to my foster home. Whew! I gots a big people family, huh?

FM said all the time that "UYR ROCKS".....I think I know what she means now. UYR rocked me right into my new furever home with my new furever mommy...............

Later, CoCo Chanel f/k/a Jabulie

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Press Bulletin:

For immediate release to News wires and all interested parties

From the Office of the Gentleman-In-Waiting (GIW) Regarding:

Her Serene Highness (HSH) Princess Sydney,


His Exalted Highness (HEH) Prince Gus.

Their Highnesses would like to inform their subjects and all interested citizens that the court welcomes the arrival of her Serene Highness Princess Sydney to the kingdom. Her Serene Highness, a direct descendant of the famous Bard from Stratford-Upon-Avon, would like her subjects to know that she now claims the lands known as Sussex-Upon-Backyard as her own and for her diversion and pleasure. Previous occasional users of her lands (squirrels, a coterie of various birds, lizards, and other assorted creatures) should know that Her tolerance for their presence is limited and should they abuse their privileges Her Serene Highness will not hesitate to inform them that they have overstated their welcome.

Being of sound mind and good health the Princess would like her subjects to know that presently she is settling into what she calls a “satisfactory” daily routine with final judgment to be rendered at a future date. Her breakfast consist of a variety of nutritious comestibles followed by a multi-vitamin. This is followed by a walk around the surrounding estates and a period of rest which last approximately until the noon hour after which Her Highness conducts an inspection of her lands to ensure their proper care and evict any lingering intruders such as those previously mentioned. (HSH conducts these inspections several times during the day as part of her royal duties). As the day progresses, Her Serene Highness may enjoy and occasional moment of play or a restful restorative nap that re-energizes her for the remaining duties of her daily schedule.

As dinner time arrives HSH will partake of a nutritious meal, although she will often demand to sample the less flavorful samplings that her subjects may be consuming at their dinner table. The evening continues with another walk-about of surrounding lands and a return to her chambers to commiserate about the discharge of her responsibilities. After a few hours of rest which includes a rubbing of the royal ears, back, and tummy by the Gentleman-In-Waiting HSH is ready for her final daily walk-about before retiring for the day.

His Exalted Highness Prince Gus would like everyone to know that he is closely watching HSH’s accommodations and routines to ensure that there is an equilibrium between His and Her duties. This is important ,according to the Prince ,in order to prevent any mis-perceptions by their subjects that there is an imbalance in the time that royal courtiers spent attending to each of their royal highnesses. The Prince expects to render a more substantive judgment at a future date. However, loyal subjects should not be overly concerned since His Highness knows that he is loved and cherished by all.

All questions regarding the welfare of either of their Highnesses should be submitted in writing to the court’s Gentleman-In-Waiting.

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Andy enjoying his new home

Andy is doing very well. He and Jack play all of the time. Their favorite game is chase, Andy runs around and Jack chases him. Jack really likes having another dog to play tug with. Andy loves, loves, loves to go for walks around the neighborhood. He gets so excited when he sees the harness that he jumps up about 4 feet in the air, and we have to calm him down just to get the harness on him.

Andy is making progress in his potty training and he will be going to obedience classes soon.

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Wally and new mom

My name is Wally. I'm a sweet older fella who somehow found my way into a high-kill shelter. That's where UYR foster mom found me when she was coming to see the Yorkies. I wished and wished I was a Yorkie and maybe if I had a Yorkie disguise she would take me home. Lucky for me, she took me anyway!

Now I am living the life with my own FURever mommy who loves me so much. She says she's never going to leave me and will love me FURever. Thank you UYR for loving me even though I'm a Yorkie Wannabe!! Love, Wally xoxo

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Home at last

Dora (now named Dory) is such a joy. She

has added so much to my life. My sister and I laugh all the time just watching

her. Her house training is going well. She had a good head start with Jill.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have her. You all do such a

wonderful service.

Linda Hoffman

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Mia & Fatty Maddie

Maddie, is also a UYR rescue
AZ Mia

Hi, this is Mia and Fatty Maddie (neighborhood kids gave her the adjective). Mia I brought back from Arizona. She is blind from an attack over food and the owners did not want to pay for eye surgery. She owes her life to a vet who refused to put her down and United Yorkie Rescue for her rescue.

Maddie I adopted when the owner who I think used her for breeding didn't want her any more. She arrived with gum disease, an abscess on her butt and fleas. She is the Queen Bee now with her own carriage and the cutest face I have ever seen. Linda in Boston

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Sofi & fur siblings


Hey Everyone, Sofi here. I am doing great. Here is a picture of me with my

fur sister, Emmi (also from UYR) and fur brother, Ernie at Halloween. Crazy

Mom likes to dress us. Well, what can I say, I am loving life, and Mom and

Dad love me. During the day I play in the backyard or sit on a chair

looking out the window. At night, I sleep on my own pillow at the head of

the bed. I never thought I could be so spoiled.

My journey started with a broken front leg and after having a fixator on it

for many months, the leg never mended. I had my leg removed, and honestly,

what a relief. I run just as good as any four legged friend, and I don't

have the fixator on my leg any more. I want to thank UYR and Foster Mom,

Jenn, for taking such good care of me and finding me a home where I am loved.

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