It is the goal of United Yorkie Rescue to rehabilitate our rescued Yorkies to a happy, healthy state so they can be adopted. Occasionally, we find a Yorkie we have rescued has serious medical problems that do not make them a candidate for adoption.

The Board of Directors of UYR, in consultation with the rescued pup's veterinarian and foster parent, may decide that it would be in the best interest of the Yorkie to keep them in the safe and caring environment of the foster home.

Once accepted into the Forever Ours Program these special needs pups are loved and cared for by the foster parent for the rest of their life. The pup's medical expenses are covered by United Yorkie Rescue and the foster mom provides food, physical care, goodies and a family environment.

If you would like to become a special part of one these special little Yorkies' lives please consider becoming a 'Sponsor' for them. A 'Sponsor' can make monetary donations or provide supplies for their use in the Forever Ours Home.

All monetary and material donations specified for these Forever Ours Yorkies are used for their continuing care needs.

If you have any questions about becoming a Sponsor or would like further information about this program please contact: Judi Laverty at:

Thank you!

We are looking for people who would be interested in being a 'Sponsor' to one or more of our Forever Ours Yorkies! As a sponsor you would become a cherished person in this dog's life.

You would receive communications about your sponsored pup and your name would appear in their story on the Forever Ours page. If you are interested please contact Sandra Wendt at

Banjo FO

Banjo an 8 year old 10lb yorkie boy who is being fostered near Salem, VA



Cynthia Kirk



Banjo was returned to his foster family. He became very protective of his new owner and would growl and bite at anyone coming near him. After he was returned he had another incident with the groomer where he became aggressive and bit the groomer. UYR has decided that it is in Banjos best interest to stay with foster family who will monitor and work him on his behavioral issues.

To date we've spent $406.93 on Banjo FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $100.00 in donations.
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Cinnamon FO

Cinnamon is a 5-pound, 10-year-old Poodle boy being fostered near Stafford , VA. .


Mary Hunton, Rene Anderson, Jackie Sorrells, Nicole Boden, Tony Heath, Barbara Burgess, Jill Arnold, Barbara Burgess, Carol Gostomski, Jacqueline Jones, Stephen Cook


Karry Rogers, Jenn Vernier, Toni Levine, Carol Nelson, Alexa Socha Rowan, Lindsay Blume-Carmody, Timothy Hald

Updated Bio 10/22/20 He was checked by a veterinarian and has beginning stages of kidney disease and requires specialty dog food to slow the progression, medication for painful nerve pain that recently started following a dental where 23 teeth were removed, has an enlarged heart, and takes medicated eye drops for dry eye. His eye problems may cause glaucoma and he is prone to cataracts and should be monitored for life. His current monthly medical costs are approximately $260. Cinnamon is 10 years old boy who is 4.3lbs. He is an easy going poodle who sleeps most of the day but enjoys his time outside. He doesn't like car rides and prefers to keep to himself until he decides to snuggle up with you on the couch. Because Cinnamon is frail and underweight he should not go to a home with small children or high energy dogs. He doesn't like being in a crate. His eyesight has diminished and should be in a home with a backyard so he doesn't wander away or hurt himself. The perfect home for Cinnamon would be one where his humans are patient and have a lot of time and energy to devote to him. He needs to catch up on learning the skills that most young dogs learn as puppies like house-training.

To date we've spent $10449.75 on Cinnamon FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2348.17 in donations.
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Crystal FO

Crystal is a very sweet 10 year old, 18 pound Yorkie girl being fostered in Fort Worth, TX. Given her health and emotional issues, we have decided to make her a Forever Ours pup.


Jan Freeman, Susan Klingbeil, Sandra Wendt, Nancy Farley, Allison Triplett, Lynne Turner, Holly Keller, Sharon Traficante, Sue Robinson, Jackie Sorrells, Ashley McElduff, Christine Flaherty, Anne Hicks, Sue Rudy Rusch, Teru Breisen, Kristen Latas, Brad Jackson, Guy Misson, Brenda Stone, Teresa Beament, Gale Sittig, Leslie Corbell, Heather Beal, Hamish MacGregor, Robert Miller, Dena Sloan, Bernadette Robinson, Dianne Schultz, Elaine Kucera, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Sierra Dunham, Rebecca Lansing, Carla Wilcox, Carol Gostomski, Wendy Furhmaneck, Sheryl Martin, Karen Beatty, Sharee Spence, Wendy Klinke, Darleen Stein, Jackie Morales, Lynne Turner, Cheryl Owen, Cheryl Scrupski, Susan Brown, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Laura Bentley, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Sandra Wendt, Ruth Airsman, Cheryl Scrupski, Lauren Satterfield, Cat Jury, Sandra Wendt, Robert Scully, Ellen M, Chokreff, Ada Moore, Carol Gostomski, Cheryl Scrupski, Lauren Satterfield, Barbara Burgess, Allison Triplett, Karen McKeand, Karry Rogers, Irene and Peter Havas in memory of darling Happy, Lora Reynolds, Barbara Burgess, Alex Leblanc, Yvette Vangeloff, Karen McKeand, Chardelle Blasberg, Ellen Chokreff, John Sauser, Angie Cagle, Ed Guise, Barbara Burgess, Ellen Chokreff Irene and Peter Havas in memory of darling Happy, Glenn Wood, Irene and Peter Havas in memory of darling Happy, Sandy Pagnotta, Lauren Radencic, Doris Schutz

9/8/21 Today Crystal became a Forever Ours pup who will live out the remainder of her life with her loving foster family. Crystal came to us from a horrific puppy mill and in addition to her health issues, was seriously emotionally damaged. She is still very fearful and likes to spend her day safely sleeping in a closet. There are times when she will cuddle with her friend, Bunny, another Forever Ours pup who came from the same breeder. They find comfort with one another :-).

To date we've spent $21423.63 on Crystal FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $6132.55 in donations.
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Emmitt FO

On 3235/22 Emmitt, a cute Yorkie mix who is being fostered in Tennessee became a Forever Ours pup who will live out his life with his amazing foster family.


Wendy Henry, Lauren Satterfield, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Allison Triplett, Karen McKeand, Trula Montgomery, Carrie and Todd Tenpenny in memory of Dennis Weisen, Jerry Werner and Mark Spies in memory of Dennis Weisen, Sandra Wendt in memory of Dennis Weisen, Brandon Burk


Julie Wiegert, Krystal Kay, Ashley Lean, Alex Fernandes, Sandy Puettman, Shay Serrano, Pixieland Yorkshire Terriers, Laura Ragusa, Cathy Edwards, Paula Gehrke, Roger Naglewski, Teri Kovarik, Melody Earls Sowa, Cindy Foster, Dawn Rozran, Alison Williams, Liza Santos, Ron Klaui, Brian and Christa Cook, Valarie Vaughan, Barbara Burgess, Ed Harm, Lisa Sands, Vanessa Riollano, Leslie Corbell, Wendy Henry, Josh Lytton, Caron Davis, Brenda Stone, Marie Turan, Karry Rogers, Carol Gragson, Linda Wellander, Melissa Duet, Dianne Slaten

3/29/22: Emmitt came to us from a shelter in New York. He was showing aggression which we believed to be stress from the environment and pain from an eye ulcer. However once in his foster home, we realized while he wanted to trust, it was very difficult for him to accept touch and love. His medical condition required eye drops multiple times a day which were difficult to administer given his fear. We transferred Emmitt to a different foster home in Tennessee and he has shown some slight improvement but still has too many behavior issues to be adoptable. For that reason, we made him a Forever Ours pup today.

To date we've spent $3384.06 on Emmitt FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2711.00 in donations.
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Hope (Calliope) FO

Hope is a 3-year-old, 10 pound Yorkie girl living in her Forever Ours foster home near Clarksville, TN.


Trula Montgomery, Sheryl Martin, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Alexa Socha, Jennifer Bullington, Alexa Socha, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Alexa Socha, Jennifer Bullington, Alexa Socha, Lauren Radencic, Susan Matteo, Barbara Burgess, Laura Bentley, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Collections from various donors-Jennifer Bullington, Lynne Turner, Jan Freeman, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Jan Freeman, Sandra Wendt, Linda Steward


Karry Rogers, Alexa Socha Rowan, Carol Arrington Gragson, Gary Arthur, Barbara Burgess, Cindy Duranti, Terri Mita, Felix Fraga Ferradas, Gloria Santos Genuino, Johnell Costa, Diana Rodbourn, John Raburn, Alexa Socha Rowan, Barbara Burgess, Christy Brooks Burnette, Carol Arrington Gragson, Janet Sinclair

Update: 10/14/2021

Forever Ours Hope (Calliope) has been with UYR for about 3 1/2 years. She has been heart worm positive since the beginning. Because of her age and neurological issues we decided to go with the slow kill method. It has been a long process BUT today foster mom got the best news ever. Miss Calliope is finally heart worm negative. The life span of an adult heart worm is 2-3 years and that is just how long the slow method takes. Heart worm prevention is so important. Calliope wanted everyone to know her exciting news and to share just how important it is to give your dogs heart worm prevention even if you do not take your babies outside. We are relieved that she is healthy now. She continue to struggle with anxiety and fear aggression. She stays to herself most of the time but for brief periods she will come out from her hiding spot and let you give her attention but as always must be on her terms. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. If you feel led to donate to her care we would greatly appreciate your assistance.


Forever Ours Calliope-Hope has been with UYR about 3yrs. She will turn 4 in June 2021. Callipe weight 12lbs. This sweet baby is afraid of her own shadow. She is a very loving dog at heart but will bite you with no warning. She seems immediately sorry she has bitten you but does not seem to be able to control herself. Dr's feel this is a nuerological defect. She is on medications to help try to control her reactions. Calliope has made some progress with her trust issues with us but still unsure around unknown visitors. We are careful with her when visitors come over. We allow her to go to her space where she feels comfortable which tends to keep her from acting out. She likes routine. If she has to go to Dogtor this throws her for a loop and she will act out. Foster parents are still proud of how she has grown but they are still are aware her her moods and that they could change at any moment. They continue to let Calliope-Hope be who she is and monitor her always. Any donations toward her care would be greatly appreciated. A BIG Thank You to those who have already donated to her care.



Calliope-Hope is not adoptable. She has been with UYR 3 years on 03/11/2021. She will turn 4 in June. Calliope weighs 12lbs. We continue to work on her socialization and behavioral issues. She is still on medication which does seem to calm her. Calliope has made some progress with her trust issues with us but still unsure around unknown visitors we are careful with her when visitors come to allow her to go to her space where she feels comfortable which tends to keep her from acting out. Foster parents are proud of how she has grown but they are still very aware her mood could change at any moment so they continue to let Calliope-Hope be who she is and monitor her always. Any donations toward her care would be greatly appreciated. And a BIG Thank you to those who have already donated to her care.


Calliope-Hope Has been with UYR for almost 3yrs. She is 3 1/2 years old and weighs 12lbs. She came to us from a shelter. She did not appear to have been socialized at all. Thru her time with UYR she has been thru many vet visits trying to assist her with her behavioral problems. She is afraid of everything and is very untrusting. The dogters also believe she has nneurological problems. Calliope was adopted out early on and they took very good care of her but were unable to handle her specific issues. She was returned to her adopted family and they have let her be her. She does take medicine daily to assist with her anxiety and anger issues. Foster Mom and Dad have noticed over the past 2 years she is slowly very slowly beginning to trust her foster family. However her anxiety does flair up and we see the Calliope we first met. She does best when her daily routine is not changed. She does not like to leave the house this almost always causes her to have an episode. UYR decided not to put her thru any additional truama by trying to adpot her out... She is staying with her foster family where they are willing to deal with her episodes and give her all the love she deserves. Looking at this sweet girl you would not realize all she has going on in her head. You can see in her face that she just wants to be loved however her episodes keep her from truly letting go and receiving love. If you feel led to donate to Calliope-Hope and help UYR in managing her care it would be truly appreciated.


Calliope-Hope is doing well in her foster home. She had her annual check-up and all things are good.... We are still treating her for heartworms using the slow kill method instead of putting her thru the harsh injections protocol. We have changed some of her medications to try and help her with her behavioral issues. She does well as long as she is allowed to do her on thing. Any changes in her normal routine will cause her to have an episode. She is very loving anytime she has an episode she is always very upset once it passes and realizing that she has hurt you. She is starting to interact more with her foster brothers and sisters but is still very afraid if they get to rough with her or over excited to play with her. Calliope special needs will always be a part of her life. But her foster parents except her and work with her daily to try and help her live her best life. Calliope takes 3 medications twice daily. Her medications can be costly so any assistance would be appreciated.

UPDATE 11/26/19

Calliope-Hope is still working thru her behavioral issues. We are getting ready to return to Dogtor for her annual check up and to have labwork down to evaluate the effects of the medications she takes daily to help her thru life. We have good days and bad days. She loves to be with her foster mom and dad she feels secure with them... but still many sounds and activities scare and cause her to retreat under the bed which is her safe spot. Her family is very patient with her and interacts with her at her comfort level. We feel this will be the process Calliope requires for her entire life. She is a happy girl most days... so we enjoy these days and accept the bads days along with them. Please help UYR to continue to care for Calliope-Hope so that she will continue to be able to live her best life. All donations toward her care a greatly appreciated.

Update 04/12/19

Calliope-Hope is doing better in her forever ours foster home. Her foster parents are working with her medications to find a dosage that will help her live her best life.

Calliope-Hope's dogtors think that she is having mild seizures which may be causing some of her behavioral issues. They have now put her on seizure medication which seems to be helping with some of the "episodes" she has causing her to be aggressive towards those she loves. Since starting her medication her foster mom has been encouraged and taking note of each small step she makes.... we are seeing fewer episodes however she is still scared of EVERYTHING.... she doesn't like loud noises at all. They continue to work with her daily and are proud of any small step she makes toward living her best life. Please keep us all in your prayers as we continue to work with Calliope-Hope. Any donations are greatly appreciated to assist with her medications and other medical needs. #WeLoveCalliope-Hope

Update 02/01/2019

Hope was adopted to a great family 07/05/2018, but returned on 02/01/2019.

Hope was returned sadly since she was exhibiting lots of behavioral issues in her adoptive home and after many months of trying it was felt Hope should be returned to her foster home. Hope will become a Forever Ours Yorkie

Update 02/01/2019

Hope was adopted to a great family 07/05/2018, but sadly all of Hope's behavioral issues have only gotten worse since her adoption so she has been returned with much sadness by her adoptive family who loved her very much and tried their best to make her adoption work out. Hope can be sweet 80% of the time but will suddenly and unexpectedly act out aggressively towards humans the rest of the time. We have hired behaviorists to work with her, tried different types of medication and this still seems to be an issue for Hope. She does best when left to her own devices and thankfully Hope's foster Mom loves her and is happy to provide Hope a safe home for the rest of her life. We will continue to work with hope to try to help her have a great quality of life as a Forever Ours dog. She is young at age two so anyone willing to sponsor Hope through ongoing monthly donations would be a huge blessing to Hope, her foster Mom and UYR. To donate towards her ongoing care please click the PayPal button below.

To date we've spent $3927.50 on Hope (Calliope) FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $1986.00 in donations.
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Jasper FO

The handsome Jasper is a 9-year-old, 7 pound Yorkie boy residing in Fort Worth, TX.


Bonnie Vaupel, Patricia Hicks, Lynnett Price, Olga Stecker, Sonja James, Meighan Hornady, Ronda Lancaster, Tuyet Flink, Angie Cagle, Sandra Wendt, Stephanie Morgan, Lynne Turner, Meagan Celmer, Karry Rogers, Paul Sherman, Leslie Corbell, Deanne Coleman, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Erin Poole, Jane St. John, Josh Lytton, Amy Chernault, Jan Freeman, Denise Stone, Jan Freeman, Carol Kathrein, Cynthia Williams, Tonya Lillig, Cynthia McNeil, Phyllis Lewis, Barbara Carvalho, Hilda Bacardi, Lynne Turner, Maria Stevens, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Jane St. John, Judy Smith, Helen Miller, Chardelle Blasberg, Chardelle Blasberg, Domenica Molinari, Angie Little, Theresa Coyer, Tena Payne, Gretchen Stevens, Garrett Hamilton, Julia Collick, Lori Palmer, Susan Tackett, Jodi Pistler, Marianne Alicea, Michelle Lingle, Hilda Bacardi, Nestor Sanchez, Betsy Loureiro, Johnell Costa, Angie Little, Olga Stecker, Teresa Beament, Sandra Wendt, Kathy Pekarsky, Susan Klingbeil, Theresa Beament, John Sauser, Wendy Henry, Teresa Beament, Jane St. John, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Teresa Beament, Sandy Pagnotta, Eric Kittell, Jane St. John, Louann Larson, Holly Keller, Angie Cagle, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Sandra Wendt, Teresa Beament, Janet Davidson, Cindy Mitchell-Clark, Paul Clark, Karry Rogers, Donna Williams, Cheryl Scrupski, Debra Weaver, Cynthia Duranti, Cheryl Scrupski, Cynthia McNeil, Irene and Peter Havas, Sandra Wendt, Wendy Klinke, Lauren Zimmerman, Judi Laverty, Teresa Beament, Allison Triplett, Teresa Beament, Anonymous Facebook Donors, David Lavine, Trula Montgomery

Update 6/26/22: Each day we are blessed to have another day with this little man who has conquered death more than once! A little history of this baby: Jasper was thrown away in his own backyard and saved by the neighbors. The neighbors saw this little 4lb baby starving in the heat. They knocked on the door and were greeted by a couple of large pit bulls at the door. They asked about the little dog and was wondering if they could have him...the answer was "Yes, one likes him!" United Yorkie Rescue was contacted and I drove 4 hours to pick this baby up and straight back home to our vets. Jasper had so many issues. He had a seizure, he had a horrible heart murmur, he was HW positive, he couldn't walk without needing assistance because after a few steps he collapsed as he could not breathe. He died twice in my arms and I revived him and ended up in the ER twice with hemoragraphic vagal responses from his death. Jasper is now 9 to 10 yrs old. We still have issues with walking. Recently, we visited the vet to see if we could help his back leg that he holds up all the time (he had patella surgery years ago), however, his little legs are so arthritic from compensating all these years so fixes are not possible. He's still my little "Cute as bug" but he reminds me everyday he's also still the baby! This little baby will always stay with UYR as a forever ours. He's touched so many through the years and he's brought so many people into my life. He has also brought many into UYR as fosters! Please remember our Forever Ours at They will always be medically cared for by UYR and receive the love by the fosters they live with. They are Forever Home with us!! Jasper sends his loves to you all~~

Update 11-4-20: Ahhh this little man has stolen so many hearts...United Yorkie Rescue Forever Ours ~~JASPER~~. Jasper came to us a little over 4yrs ago. He was dying in a backyard and his owners told a neighbor to please take him, they didn't want him. I quickly made a 4.5hr drive when we were asked to help and this was the beginning of his fight for life. Sweet Jasper, this precious boy, had no fur and scabs all over his poor malnourished body. He received much needed fluids at the vet and that afternoon and the next day he had seizures. Jasper was HW positive, with the most horrific case of heartworm infestation they had ever seen. It took 3 years to test heartworm negative and Jasper has died twice during this time frame. God thankfully helped me bring him back, while the ER worked their magic to allow us to bring him home!

Today Jasper cannot play or get excited without going into coughing attacks. Heartworm disease has affected his heart and lungs. He walks like he is an old man and tires easily. Jasper was only 3 years old when he was rescued, so it's been very hard to see such a young baby struggle like an elderly senior dog. Jasper gets follow-up vet visits often and soon we will reassess his heart. Remember United Yorkie Rescue's Forever Ours if you're ever looking to sponsor a sweet baby in need. Their care is monthly maintenance of their health conditions, and with your donations, that allows us to continue their mission with these babies. As always, bless you and thank you for loving our babies.

Update 11-18-18: Jasper is in trouble and desperately needs your help. Early this morning I was awakened with the sounds of a dog getting sick and a horrible cry of pain and agony. Jasper, who lays next me, was in a contorted stiff position with eyes glazed and retching or seizing then stopped breathing. I rushed to my husband in the living room placed him on the chair and started rescue breathing and compression's, then took my finger a couple of times to swipe his mouth and throat to see if he had aspirated but nothing. I ran to the back door since the cold front was blowing in and stood in the cold whispering to him as I tried soft compression's and his chest moved. We gathered him up and rushed to the ER as he wretched and defecated while he didn't move his head nor his eyes.

As of now, Jasper is in the oxygen chamber. Jasper's blood work is a mess. He was severely dehydrated and his pancreatic values are OFF THE CHARTS as well. His liver is also suffering. His poor little heart is trying to fight and we are already at the tune of $3000. He will need additional support as well after this specialty care. Please help us save this little love bug. Help us give Jasper his Christmas Miracle with the start of thankful Thanksgiving. I will keep all of you updated and God Bless you ALL!!

UPDATE BIO. 9/21/2018 Oh what an angel he is!! Jasper came to United Yorkie Rescue as a 3yr, 5lb very very sick baby and is now a Forever Ours. For those who don't know his story, Jasper was brought into rescue at death's door after being abandoned in a backyard. Poor baby initially suffered two seizure because his little body was so malnourished.

A few months after stability, he suffered cardiac arrest after an initial modified attempt to cure his horrific heart worms. He was brought back to life in my home, rushed to the ER for immediate care and suffered heart and lung damage due to throwing an embolism and the immense sloughing of heart worms that this little baby had within him. His second ultrasound showed that he could never continue the treatment due to the position on the worms in his pulmonary artery. Jasper continues to receive his monthly Heartguard preventative, and on day 3 or 4 it takes a toll on his body.

We will soon revisit the vet to check to see if Jasper is heart worm free. There have been cases noted where after years of doxy and Heartguard, dogs have become heart worm free! Although damage is already done, I pray one day this this sweet baby will be rid of them. Please continue to support UYR ( with their Forever Ours babies, they will never be placed for adoption, but all of these babies will need medical care the rest of their lives. Jasper and I thank you and bless you for all for just loving them.

4/13/18 Update: We are slowly approaching 2 years since our sweet 4yr old, 5.8 lb Forever Ours Jasper came into our rescue in August of 2016. For those who have read his story, it is one of the utmost severe neglect and abuse. Jasper has come far from seizures, dehydration, emaciated, hairless and waxy eared, full of sores, the worst heart worm disease ever seen by vets, and even to die and come back from death... just look at how beautiful this sweet angel looks today. Jasper has truly blessed our household in so many ways, He seems to have such a gentle sweet and a unique way to connect to the rescues that come into my home. When Jasper knows that Hank may not be having a good day, he will go up to that sweet baby and lay by him and give him the sweetest kisses. Jasper also realizes his lungs and heart and not the best, so he mouth plays with Abby my Maltese. His favorite type of play is to be "foreman" on the job of play and stand there and bark at whoever is doing the playing LOL. He is also very intelligent and will bark at you to follow him and put him to bed in my room when he's ready for his nap and bedtime. Snuggling with momma or just on a soft blanket is his favorite activity of the day. Some of my cutest pictures are of this love bug as he just snuggles into the so cute! Jasper also just loves everyone and will ask for you to pick him up. Who could resist this face ❤

With all the sweetness and how Jasper looks to date, we need to always remember his sickness is on the inside, which we will always be monitoring and keeping in check the rest of this young babies life. Jasper also has extremely bad patellas and we started addressing those just recently. He will have a recheck next Monday to evaluate the healing of his first surgery as he still pampers that leg.

Please remember our Forever Ours babies. They are a part of all of our lives and a part of our family, but their care will always continue through the rescue till God has called them home. Donations are why we able to save all of these angels and because of all of make this possible. Jasper sends his love for all you have done for him and I as well. Bless you all!!

To date we've spent $19366.07 on Jasper FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $9738.55 in donations.
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Koda FO

Koda is a sweet 18 year old, 8 pound Yorkie boy being fostered in Lancaster, TX. He just became a Forever Ours on 10/9/22.


Aniya Avery, Sandy Pagnotta, Patricia Ann Bell, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, David Lavine, David Lavine


Pam Roberts, Ami Miller Hayden, Angela Senger, Teresa Johnson, Karry Rogers, Patsy Wynne, Angela Joy Stephens, Marsha Butler

1/31/23 Update: Time for an update on our little Forever Ours senior. Koda turns 18 this month and hes been promised a special treat for his big day. Koda loves to eat! This almost 18 year old boy runs and jumps like a puppy when its time to eat. Hes a pretty big fan of treats too! I have chosen this collage of him sleeping not because thats all he does but to demonstrate that he can and will sleep anywhere. When he wakes up he goes on walk about and when its time to recharge he lays down. At night he loves to snuggle on the couch before bedtime. Koda has some dementia (except at meal time) but hes happy. He has our home mapped and gets around well. He likes to be outside when its sunny but when its cold he is like most small dogs, no thank you.

When UYR commits to take care of a pup in our Forever Ours program, its for life. We strive to make sure they receive all of the love and health care that they deserve.

Koda eats prescription food, takes his monthly preventatives and gets his vaccines annually. We appreciate our donors so much and there in no way we could help these babies without you. Koda would be so grateful if you would help him stay healthy so he can see 19, maybe even 20. We thank you so much!!!

Donations can be made on our website.

Initial Bio 8-25-22: Welcome this sweet senior boy to United Yorkie Rescue. When Koda's family of 18 years found themselves in a position to no longer care for him how could we say no. Can you imagine being 18 and your life being turned upside down? The good news is that for an older guy he is really working hard to make the best of the situation. Our first task was to catch up on our good hygiene. Koda was groomed (shaved) and had a pedicure. He is feeling much better and getting around a little quicker. He is slowly learning the lay of his new home and making friends with the other pups in the household. His eyesight and his hearing appear to be limited but his sense of smell when the treats or food come out is still 100%!!! Although Koda will be safe and loved for the rest of his days we also want to make sure we are providing the best care possible. He has had a senior blood panel (results pending), he also needs a good dental exam and cleaning. If we can help him with his eyesight, we would like to and of course maintain his routine care. Although Koda is 18 we don't want to compromise on his needs.

Koda has not been up for a good photo session just yet but foster mom is working on that. More to come!

If you would like to help us help Koda please consider a donation towards his care. Your support is so appreciated because without it we can't give guys like Koda a soft place to call home.

To date we've spent $432.73 on Koda FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $595.00 in donations.
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Lily WV FO

Lily is a sweet 3 pound, 11 year old Yorkie girl being fostered in Maryland. She suffers from Protein Losing Enteropathy which is an incurable condition. She just became a Forever Ours Pup who will live out her life with her foster mom.


Mary Whitaker, Sandy Pagnotta, Sylvia Stapleton, Erik Ebert, Sasha Aaronson, Carol Baker, Holly Keller, Sandy Rodabaugh, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Glenda Irving, Paul Clark, Sandra Wendt, Kathleen Bogosian, Barbara Gere, Irene and Peter Havas in memory of darling Happy, Jeffrey Gere, Sharon LaMasney, Barbara Gere, Alexa Socha, Dan Clauser


Karry Rogers, Gail VanDermark-Kimiecik, Barbara Burgess, Theresa Viviano McDivitt, Karen McKeand, Alexa Socha Rowan, Lucy Hall, Sandra Richard Naquin, Kristen LaBrie in memory of Chewy Tardif


Ashley Cagle, Patrick Cagle, Angie Cagle, Anne Broadfoot, Terri Horton Moore, Celeste Bichey

9/27/22 Update: Lily was seen by her vet today and she is doing well. She does need a dental and with law changes in her state, only vets and not vet technicians are permitted to do the dentals. As a result, vet scheduling for this has become a bit more challenging. Lily is scheduled for her dental in October. Thank you for following this sweet girl's story.

Update 4/29/20: Lily is now a Forever Ours girl and I couldn't be happier! Lily is the most petite girl with the biggest personality. She can have two Pit Bulls bowing to her commands. Actually she's really bossy and a little obnoxious, and just happens to be surrounded by amazing fur family. Lily in all her energy goes down quickly. She still has her lifelong disease of PLE. Some days she's running the pack and some days she barely moves. I can't count the times I almost lost her. But since her vets gave up on her 1 1/2 years ago, we are blessed. Lily's amazing mom wouldn't give up. She networked to get her beloved girl to someone who could save her. I had experience and United Yorkie Rescue was happy to try to save her. Through her new vets, diet, drugs, tears, and prayers, this little girl is still alive. Welcome sweet Lily, my sweet forever ours girl. You are loved by many.

UPDATE Bio: 09/11/19. Lily is the tiniest three pound little girl with a really big health issue. Lily has PLE, Protein Losing Enteropathy. She came cross country to United Yorkie Rescue because her foster mom has experience with the disease. Recommended for euthanasia last January, it's been nine months and she's still with us.

Lily requires periodic vet checks and a rather expensive diet and supplement program. Combined, she's avoiding the worst symptoms of the disease that will eventually lead to the end of her life. With careful attention, Lily may live a few years and that's our goal.

Please consider donating to Lily's vet bills. The blood tests tell us how to proceed and keep her comfortable

To date we've spent $3352.94 on Lily WV FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $1700.00 in donations.
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Phoebe FO

Meet Phoebe, a sweet 10 year old, 5 pound Yorkie mix is being fostered in Frederick, MD.

9/27/22: Phoebe is doing very well in her forever home. She has no immediate vetting needs so we will hold off on doing a routine exam. Both she and Lily are exempt from vaccinations due to their age and lack of contact with other animals.

2/15/22 Today Phoebe became a Forever Ours pup who will spend the rest of her days with her loving foster mom.

To date we've spent $270.23 on Phoebe FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $265.00 in donations.
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Rocco FO

Sweet Rocco is an 8 year old, 9.5 pound Yorkie male who lives with his Forever Ours foster mom in Florida.


Sandra Wendt, Susan Smith Wheeler, Connie Vaughn, Catherine Parker, Jane St. John, Wendy Tillotson, Stephanie Slack, Connie Peters, Sari Mandresh, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Jane St. John, Lory Foster, Stacy and Henry Powell, Jessica Ranger, Anita Konick, Jane St. John, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, David Rothrock, Sandra Wendt, Brenda Bargers, Karry Rogers, Tim and Dawn Hawkins, Jill Yablon, Amanda McKay, Jo-Ellen Gasior, Sheila Cohen, Olga Stecker, Irene and Peter Havas in memory of Buddy and Forever Ours Vanessa, Erin Horton, Anita Konick, Connie, Amy Chernault, Elizabeth Giannone, Angela Heath, Candace Haupt, Kimber Santorella, Robert Tiedeken, Irene and Peter Havas in Memory of Buddy and Vanessa, Angie Cagle, Mary Mulkey, Angela Heath, Anita Konick, Irene and Peter Havas in memory of Buddy, Vanessa and Pepe, Irene and Peter Havas in memory of darling Happy, Alexa Socha

Bio Update 02/09/2017 - It won't be long until it will be a year since Rocco was surrendered to UYR and what a year that has been for Rocco. He was so sick when he came home with foster mom and the next day we found that he not only had a bladder full of stones, but Rocco had a Liver Shunt. Rocco had surgery at the University of Tennessee in April 2016 and they were able to remove the bladder stones but his Liver Shunt was inoperable and his liver is only about 1/3 the size it should be. Due to this, Rocco will always be on a special prescription diet and medication. Right now we are doing 5 small meals a day and some days Rocco eats good. Other days it is an effort to get him to eat anything and occasionally he will go for a couple of days without wanting to eat. Rocco continues to get his medications with each of his small meals and also gets 2 additional medications to help support his liver to be as good as it can be and also probiotics to assist his digestive system. He has good days where he plays like any healthy puppy and does well keeping up with his foster brothers. Other days, all Rocco wants to do is sleep or be next to foster mom all day. Even with the rollercoaster ups and downs with good and bad days, Rocco is always so loving and sweet and shows foster mom how much he appreciates everything that is done for him.

Update 9/14/16: With Rocco's health issues and sensitivity to change, it was determined he become a Forever Ours Foster Dog and remain with his foster mom who had cared for him since he came into rescue.

Update Bio: 09/09/16. Rocco still is having a roller coaster life. Just when most things level out for him, another bomb drops. He has been doing great on the Hill's L/D diet and medications, so his labs are staying stable. We decided he was stable enough to get his vaccinations up to date. Since he has known vaccination reactions, it was decided to give them in 3 different intervals and to premedicated with Benadryl. He didn't have a reaction but was very sluggish for several days afterwards. Just about the time he started feeling better I also got a new supply of his Hills prescription diet. Well, they have changed the formula and Rocco says "NO WAY"!! He does not like it at all!! Foster mom has spent hours on the phone with Hill's and there is probably nothing we can do except start making home cooked special food for Rocco. In the meantime, foster mom has bought every can of the "old" Hill's L/D within a 20 mile radius of our home and Rocco is once again eating and feeling better. We will start a slow transition to home cooked special food. In the meantime, if you are interested in adopting Rocco, please follow the link below and complete the application. But, please be patient as make this transition to a home cooked diet.

To date we've spent $7567.50 on Rocco FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2141.60 in donations.
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Roxy Rose FO

Roxy Rose is a 13 yr old (estimated) yorkie/ Shih tzu mix being fostered near Ashland City,TN.

Out of State Applicants will be considered if it is the perfect fit for Roxy Rose


Sandy Pagnotta, Linda Crawford



Karry Rogers, Jordan Weathers Griffin, Hazel Lau, Suzan Robison, Luis Y Erika Maldonada, Karen Coffey Galanski, Jason Johnson

Updated Bio 1/18/23

We have an update on Miss Roxy Rose. If you remember from her initial bio To no fault of her own she found herself abandoned on a street corner. She is blind, mostly deaf and upon her first examination at the shelter she was extremely matted, flea infested, malnourished and super scared. Roxy Rose needed special medical care such as a dental, care for her eyes, super bad skin, etc.. She has been getting special baths to help her skin. Her hair is growing back in and she is looking more healthy. She has gained some weight She has already made so much progress. Roxy had a Dental this week and lost a few teeth. Her eyes weren't getting any better and it was determined that she has dry eye syndrome and will need to be on a medication for this for life. Also one of the findings during her check ups it was noted that her back right leg had been broken at some point in her life and probably didn't have the proper care so she does walk a bit wobbly. All that being said she is happy laying in her soft bed, eating her yummy meals and drinking her fresh water. She has been getting used to being petted and is not longer stiff and jumpy when being touched. She likes being outside for a bit and will always go potty out there when you take her. She cant see but can hear some and her sense of smell is perfect so she gets around pretty well. Please continue to donate to her care.

To date we've spent $1238.73 on Roxy Rose FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $300.00 in donations.
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Sugar Cookie FO

Sugar Cookie is a 13 yr old (estimated) poodle being fostered near Ashland City,TN.

Out of State Applicants will be considered if it is the perfect fit for Sugar Cookie


Sandy Pagnotta, Wendy Fuhrmaneck


Karry Rogers, Holly Keller, Kristine Revell, Jason Johnson

Updated Bio 1/18/23

For those who havent read her initial bio Sugar Cookie found herself abandoned on a street corner with her friend Roxy Rose. They both were mostly blind, extremely matted, flea infested, malnourished and super scared. Sugar cookie had severe ear infections and was in need of a dental, and had super bad skin, etc..

Sugar Cookie had her dental this week and lost one tooth. Her ears are cleared up and we will clean them out regularly in hopes that she doesnt suffer an ear infection again. Sugar Cookie had many skin lumps and bumps which the Dogtor removed most and sent two off for a biopsy to make sure they are nothing to be concerned about. She is a happy girl now who wags her tail to be petted and loves her food and has reached a good weight. Sugar Cookie is blind and deaf but that doesnt stop her from getting around well and wanting love and attention. If you feel like you can give this senior girl a good home for the rest of her life email foster mom at or fill out an application for her at

To date we've spent $2077.83 on Sugar Cookie FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $120.00 in donations.
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Sugar Pie FO

Meet precious Sugar Pie. She is a Yorkie who weighs 5.4 pounds and is approximately 14 years old. She is being fostered near Clarksville, TN.


Jennifer Bullington, Karry Rogers, Jennifer Bullington

UPDATE: 10/20/2022

Sugar Pie doesn't seem to be in any pain she is active and friendly she loves giving kisses and with only 3 teeth remaining she eats very well. She has multiple mamery tumors. But is in good spirits. United Yorkie rescue has decided to make her a forever ours. Any assistance towards her care would be greatly appreciated.

Update: 03/07/2021 Sugar Pie went to the dogtor this past week. After Evaluation from the dogtor it has been decided that it is her best interest not to have surgery. Sugar Pie doesnt seem to be in any pain she is active and friendly she loves giving kisses and with only 3 teeth remaining she eats very well. Her Pancreas is in bad shape and the doctor feels that any surgery could cause her pancreas to give out. United Yorkie rescue has decided to make her a forever ours. Any assistance towards her care would be greatly appreciated.

Initial Bio: 2/27/2021: Sugar Pie is just as sweet as Pie! She loves to be carried around she will sleep with you cuddle with you and follow you everywhere. She rides wonderfully in the car so would be a good travel companion. She is small so we do not recommend for small children. She has several mammary tumors that will need to be addressed when she goes to the Dogtor next week. The poor think only has 3 teeth but she doesn't let that hold her back she eats very well. Due to missing teeth her lower jaw has become very soft and her little tongue hangs out. Stay tune for updates as we get to know sweet little Sugar Pie.

Update: 03/07/2021

Sugar Pie went to the dogtor this past week. After Evaluation from the dogtor it has been decided that it is her best interest not to have surgery. Sugar Pie doesnt seem to be in any pain she is active and friendly she loves giving kisses and with only 3 teeth remaining she eats very well. Her Pancreas is in bad shape and the doctor feels that any surgery could cause her pancreas to give out. United Yorkie rescue has decided to make her a forever ours. Any assistance towards her care would be greatly appreciated.

To date we've spent $837.57 on Sugar Pie FO's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $230.00 in donations.
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