At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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I love my new family!

Sammy was adopted today 8/2/23!

We are so excited that Sammy has found is forever home.

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Betty Buttons

7/23/23: Today sweet Betty Buttons found her perfect forever home! Congratulations little girl :-)

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7/15/23: Today Dolly found her perfect forever family. Congrats Dolly!

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7/14/23: Today Sherman found his perfect forever home with his loving foster family. Hooray for Sherman!

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7/12/23: Today sweet Beatrice found her perfect Forever Family with two loving humans and a fur sibling! Congratulations Bea!!!

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Tara May and new family
Tara May

7/8/23: Today Tara May found her perfect forever family. Congratulations sweet girl!

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Charlie Bear

06/30/2023 Charlie Bear found his Happy Forever Home. Congratulations to everyone!

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I love sleeping right with my mom!

Teddy was adopted today 6/29/23!!! Teddy hit the jackpot on the perfect family. Teddy now is the KING of his new household. He is an only dog to both mom and dad who are home all day. Teddy's mom just retired and Dad works from home. Teddy is so excited to have two laps to go to and a huge fenced in back yard to explore. Teddy came home to all the goods too. He has multiple beds, toys and a good collection of new toys to play with. Best part, Teddy even gets to go visit the beach with Mom and Dad. Teddy, sweet boy, Happy Tails!!!

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Look at that smile... I am HAPPY!

Chase was adopted today 6/29/23! Chase came to United Yorkie Rescue because his owner could no longer afford his care. He had a possible liver shunt. This adorable bundle of energy certainly showed no signs of being sick, but his medical records indicated otherwise. It showed there was something going on with his liver. After several vet visits including bile acid tests and bloodworks twice he was diagnosed with a liver condition called PVH-MVD (portal vein hypoplasia-microvascular dysplasia). That's a lot for a 2 1/2 year old little guy. It meant he would have to be on his prescription liver diet for life. It meant he would be prone to urine infections, crystals in his urine that could turn into stones, and it meant he would need a home with adoptive parents willing to work closely with their vet to give him the care he would need in order to live a long and happy life.

Chase now has a family to do that exact thing for him. His new mom and dad are ready and willing to give him all the care he will need forever. They know he is a bundle of energy and because he loves his walks he will get to go on lots and lots of them. He has a fenced yard to not only run laps but to make sure all the squirrels and lizards and birds understand this is his territory and that it is his job to chase them away. After all Chase is his name. Life couldn't be better for this sweet boy. He just has to remember that he has to share it all with the kitties who have been there longer. Chase found his perfect forever family. Happy Tails, Chase. Welcome to your new long and happy life.

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Aren't we cute!

Molly was adopted today 6/24/23! Molly went from a cold loud shelter to the jackpot home. Sweet girl has found her forever home and is so happy. She is so excited to be able to feel safe and secure and loved forever.

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6/17/23 Today sweet Tate found his perfect forever home. Congratulations Tate!

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Rosie and new parents

6/17/23 Happiest of Tails...It was a very sad day for the UYR team members that picked up Rosie from the shelter and transported her to our wonderful vets office. It was truly heartbreaking to see the condition Rosie was in. However thanks to UYR and it's supporters this heartbreaking day was also the start of a true Cinderella story. For the vet's staff member that was tasked with gently cutting away Rosie's years of matted fur, feces, and debris it was love at first sight as she saw Rosie's sweet face slowly emerge from the filth. That is the day Rosie's new life which is full of love, joy, and care began. After spending some time healing from her surgeries, eating, resting, and being loved on at her foster home, Rosie recently joined her new family which is over the moon excited to have her as part of their family.

Rosie now not only has a loving home, she also has the opportunity to go to work with her new Mom and is loved to pieces by the other staff members. This sweet senior finally knows LOVE thanks to UYR!

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I am so excited to be home!

Micky has been adopted!

When a divorce and hospital stay landed Micky at Animal Control, United Yorkie Rescue was called. Shortly after his arrival to the shelter, the staff knew he needed attention. Micky hadn't been vetted in quite some time. His last 17 teeth had to be extracted. Once at his foster home he received the love and medical attention he desperately needed. Well, today he went to his forever home. We know that he will be loved, cared for and doted on by his new family. Happy Tails Micky

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Happy Tails Rocky!

Rocky has been adopted 6/10/23!

Rocky hit the jackpot with his forever family. He is going to get all the love and attention that he deserves! Such a sweet little man finally is getting all the hugs and kisses.

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I am sooooo HAPPY!

Matcha is adopted!

Matcha came to United Yorkie Rescue underweight and not well cared for. He now has a wonderful family complete with a big, little fur sister and a little boy of his own! Happy Tails Matcha.

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I love my new family!

Sofie was adopted 5/25/23! We are so excited to finally announce that Sofie has found her forever home. She came to UYR and her foster parents took it really slow with her and worked with her until she was ready to be adopted. The foster family even spent weeks preparing the new adoptive family by working with them and ensuring that they were equipped to understand Sofie and all of her needs. We are all happy that she is doing well and is very happy. Happy Tails Sofie!

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Scarlett and new mom

05/14/2023: Happy Mother's Day to the new mommy of Scarlett. Today she found her perfect forever home!

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I am in love!

Suzie was adopted today 5/7/23!

Suzie came to UYR as an owner surrender and was adopted today. She is going to be so happy in her new forever home. Suzie gets to be an only dog with two adult brothers. She gets all the walks and toys she wants. Happy Tails Suzie!

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Noel (AKA Agnes)

5/6/23: Today Noel and her best friend Holly have been adopted together into the same wonderful home. Congratulations to you sweet girls!

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Holly (AKA Lucille)

5/6/23: Today Holly and her best friend Noel are adopted together into the same wonderful home. Happy Tails to these sweet girls!

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